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MUST Street Zine is a small, folded "microzine" distributed by Full Of Crow Press.

It began as a collaborative project in 2009 by a group based at the now-defunct Sphere Network, a cooperative of writers and artists. The original vision was to create a printed zine that would be easy to produce, distribute, and would be inexpensive enough to leave around the community in random places, like pamphlets. The original editorial and distribution group was non-hierarchal, and open in the Samizdat tradition. Participants organized issues and as a group, they were printed and produced. It is now produced by Full Of Crow, by editor Lynn Alexander who was one of the original creators, with guest editors. Thousands have made their way around the world by editors, contributors, and distribution partners like erbacce press, Durable Goods, The Literary Underground, Tainted Coffee Press, Radioactive Mango, and Calliope Nerve.

Some of the individuals who were, or still are involved include: Doug Mathewson, Madrea Marie Loy, Kristin Fouquet, Cheryl Townsend, Aleathia Drehmer, Songtsen Hollander, Brent Powers, Paul Corman-Roberts, Lynn Alexander, Justin Regier, Turbu Ralf, Rebecca Lower, Michael Solender, and more.

The name MUST is written by arranged photographs of tiles from the streets of New Orleans. "Must" is a simple, but powerful word, suggestive of will, determination. It seemed fitting to honor the city of New Orleans, a city of perseverance. MUST is still going strong, with new issues appearing regularly and featuring poetry, art, and short fiction from emerging and established underground creators.

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