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Lynn Alexander

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Lynn Alexander (b.1973,Northport,NY) is an American writer, artist, poet, and independent producer of publications and web content. She is a social worker and is involved in a number of social justice organizations, collectives, and community groups.[1] She is the producer and editor of Full of Crow and runs Full Of Crow Press And Distribution.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life and education

Alexander was born in Northport, New York in 1973. She studied Social Welfare in college and later went on to graduate school at New York University (MPA) for non-profit management, public policy, public finance, grants, arts foundations, and more.

[edit] Literary career

Alexander designs and maintains Full of Crow, and edits the following sections: Fiction, MiCrow, Crow Reviews, On The Wing, Prate, Galleries, Zine Reviews, FC Blog, and produces the zines MUST, TRNGKT (collected truncs and cut ups) Fashion for Collapse and maintains Blink Ink with Doug Mathewson. Alexander also hosts the Full Of Crow Poetry Hour, weekly, on BlogTalkRadio.[2]

[edit] Select Works

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[edit] Notes and references

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