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Karl Koweski

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Karl Koweski

Karl Koweski (b. 16 November 1974) is an American poet, author, and editor. He is the author of the column, "Observations of a Dumb Pollack", which debuted in Issue #63 (April 2006) of Zygote in my Coffee and ran there as a regular feature until their final issue in April 2010. Koweski works in a machine shop in Alabama and occasionally gets paid to write articles for porn mags.



Early life and education

Koweski was born and raised in Hammond, Indiana, a suburb of Chicago. Not much is else known about his early years, but he has said he now lives on a mountain in Alabama and is thought to have sung lead and played banjo in the now defunct country/punk/disco band "The Screaming Shits".

Literary career

Koweski was a resident writer for the now defunct online literary magazine, Cherry Bleeds.[1] In April 2006, Koweski's column "Phantom of the Okra" began appearing on AntiMuse.[2] In Issue #72 (November 2006) of Zygote in my Coffee it was announced that Koweski would be joining Brian Fugett at Zygote as the new co-editor.[3] Koweski was a key member in the Guild of Outsider Writers, the current incarnation of which is the Outsider Writers Collective and Press.[4]

Styles and themes

"Koweski is a ‘meat-and-potatoes’ poet. No fancy language, no speaking over your head. When he writes about the real life you don’t want to see, like babies of dopeheads, disillusionment with a Wild West show, and the painful loss of a memory-laden car, you take his side.” —Cindy Rosmus, editor of Yellow Mama

Select Works




Further Reading



Notes and references

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