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Justin Hyde

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Justin Hyde
Justin Hyde (b. 6 February 1978) is an American poet and editor. He is the author of the books Down Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die and Another Casualty at the 34th St. Bus Stop. Hyde was the poetry editor at Thieves Jargon for a short period. Justin Hyde’s entire life has been spent in Iowa and it is the place of much of his inspiration. He credits the power of his work being most influenced by everyday people. He remains in Des Moines, Iowa working as a correctional officer.



Early Life and Education

Justin hails from the fair state of Iowa. He was a loner type child that continued to be so into his adult years. He graduated high school by a very thin margin, and then spent his late teens and early twenties attempting to be a professional bicycle racer. He wandered through his mid-twenties reading philosophy and observing life. He attended junior college for one year prior to earning a degree in psychology from the University of Iowa.

Literary Career

Hyde began writing at the age of 27 after a huge depressive state that nearly took his life. He is the author of the chapbook Down Where The Hummingbird Goes To Die published by Outside Writers Press/Tainted Coffee Press. This book was the sole winner of the Jack Micheline Memorial Poetry Contest in 2008. His manuscript was chosen by the late Todd Moore.

Most recently, he won the 2009 Nerve Cowboy Chapbook Contest and his book “Another casualty at the 34th st bus stop” was published by Liquid Paper Press. In 2009, he was the poetry editor for Thieves Jargon for a short time before fading into the underground again. Justin Hyde has been published extensively in print and online in the small press, and is now recognized as a New York Quarterly poet having appeared in Issue 66, 2010.[1]

Select Works


Further Reading



Notes and References

Background information contributed by Aleathia Drehmer

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