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Outsider Writers Collective and Press

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Outsider Writers Collective and Press is an organization that promotes and publishes "outsider writers" (a general term describing a person who willingly participates in writing communities outside what would be considering mainstream).

[edit] History

The group started in December 2008 after a former group, the Guild of Outsider Writers dissolved. The Guild was founded by Pat King, Marissa Ranello, Victor Schwartzman, Leopold McGinnis and J.D. Finch in February 2007.

The Guild’s inner circle included some of the best outsider writers in the small press. Karl Koweski, Brian Fugett, Kathy Polenberg, Michael Grover, Charles P. Ries, Melissa Hansen, and John G. Hall were among the list of later recruits to the movement.

The current incarnation was founded by Pat King, David Blaine, Aleathia Drehmer, Caleb J. Ross, Tim Hall, Lynn Alexander and Victor Schwartzman. There are currently over 700 members of the community collective, and the social network continues to grow with over 2,500 Facebook contacts.

The group evolved further, and in 2008 began publishing short run chapbooks of poetry and prose, beginning with Justin Hyde’s Down Where the Hummingbird Goes to Die (as part of the Jack Micheline Memorial Poetry Contest). In 2009, the efforts were ramped up, publishing two more chapbooks, with plans to continue.[1]

[edit] Notes and References

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