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Full Of Crow

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"Two Crows" Photography by Kristin Fouquet, Featured Photographer, Full of Crow

Full Of Crow (sometimes referred to simply as “Crow“) is an independent online literary magazine that publishes poetry, fiction, flash, reviews, interviews, articles, art, photography, and more. Full of Crow publishes content on an ongoing basis. Lynn Alexander produces and manages content for Full Of Crow and Full Of Crow Press And Distribution.


[edit] History and Background

Crow was founded by Lynn Alexander and Aleathia Drehmer. The Full of Crow website began with a poetry and fiction section, later to include many other sections and projects under the Full of Crow name.

[edit] Full of Crow Sections

[edit] Full of Crow Poetry

"Full of Crow Poetry" is published quarterly. Past editors include Aleathia Drehmer. MK Chavez is the current editor. "Full Of Crow Poetry" is published online and since July 2010 is available in a PDF download format as well.

[edit] Full Of Crow Quarterly Fiction

"Full of Crow Quarterly Fiction" is edited by Lynn Alexander. In July 2010, it was announced that Paul Corman-Roberts would be taking over editing duties for this section of Full of Crow beginning with the October 2010 issue.

[edit] MiCrow

"MiCrow" is the flash fiction supplemental section of Full of Crow, edited and produced by Lynn Alexander. It is published on a semi-annual basis, available online and as of the Summer 2010 issue is also available in eBook PDF format. Issue #1 debuted in Summer 2009, edited by Lynn Alexander. Issue #2 was edited by Walter Conley. Issue #3 was edited by Walter Conley and Lynn Alexander. "MiCrow" is limited to short fiction (flash, under 1000 words) but experimental work, strange work, vignettes, nano, and other short styles are encouraged.[1]

[edit] Prate

"Prate" is the interview section of Full of Crow. This interview series is available online and includes interviews by Peter Schwartz, JM Reinbold, Lynn Alexander, PD Lussier, Paul Corman-Roberts, and Aleathia Drehmer. Included in the series are interviews with Bill Blackolive, Dan Provost, Michael Kimball, and many others. This section is edited by Peter Schwartz and Lynn Alexander.[2]

[edit] Galleries

The galleries at Full of Crow include the art, photography, and mixed media of featured artists. Justynn Tyme handles art, features, galleries, special collections, and the audio section for Full Of Crow.

[edit] Arterialize

"Arterialize" is the art section, with features and art-related content edited by Justynn Tyme.

[edit] Crow Reviews

"Crow Reviews" is a section of Full of Crow for reviews of independent publications. There is also a section dedicated to reviews of zines.

[edit] On The Wing

"On The Wing" is the section of Full of Crow that features essays, opinion, columns, and more on issues that matter.[3]

[edit] Styles and themes

"We are looking for content that is bold and unapologetic, presented in thoughtful and purposeful ways. We like work that touches on the surreal, the mythic- enduring themes and images that are rooted in something deeply personal but connect to something transcending and universal. As many editors say, we know what it is when we see it."[4]

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[edit] Notes and references

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