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Frank Reardon

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Frank Reardon

Frank Reardon (b. Feb. 12th 1974) is an American poet and writer. He is the author of several books (Cancer Face, Little Lies Publishing, 2004, Exorcism of the Con-Artist, 2005, Little Lies Publishing. Interstate Chokehold, 2009, Neo Poiesis Press, Steak Bone Fever, 2011, Unadorned Press, The Nirvana Haymaker, 2012, Neo Poiesis Press). Reardon's poetry has been published in many print and online presses.


[edit] Biography and Early Education

Reardon was born into an Irish Catholic family and raised in Boston Massachusetts. His father was a Vietnam Veteran and his mother was never around. From an early age Frank traveled with his father's work, spending a lot of time living in hotels in such places as Las Vegas, Dallas Texas, Little Rock Arkansas and Los Angeles California. Frank credits this time on the road as when he first found his love of words in the books of Jack London, the Hardy Boys and other assorted stuff a young kid would read.

Though he had always lived around the Boston area he never could give up his love for the road that his father had instilled in him from an early age. After many years of reading in his local libraries, listening to music, taking LSD and smoking marijuana Frank again hit the road in 2001, he considers 2001-2009 his Lost Years on a Greyhound. He lived in places like Huntsville Alabama, Kansas City, MO, Providence R.I., Woodstock N.Y and Minot ND...traveled to places like Los Angeles, CA. New Orleans, Memphis, Nashville, Jackson MI...On his journey is when he met his first publisher, Little Lies Publishing out of Alabama (these books are now out of print), When he returned to Boston in 2009, with no publisher, no job, no hope and a full blown alcoholic he met his second publisher out of Vancouver, Neo Poiesis Press, they believed in Frank enough to give him a full length poetry collection titled: Interstate Chokehold, they are ready to put out his second full poetry collection titled: The Nirvana Haymaker.

[edit] Personal Life and Employment

Frank is the father of a gorgeous little red headed Irish girl named Lilly.

Frank holds no political affiliations, nor does he have any interest in voting for anyone in any presidential elections at anytime.

Frank loathes all organized religion, but with age has come tolerant of some of its followers.

Frank has held many types of jobs and could be considered a 'jack of all trades' in his travels he would pick up random jobs such as: Butcher, hospital technician, shelf stocker, fork lift operator, brick layer, bartender, telephone technician and soon to be teacher.

Outside of that Frank has always enjoyed sitting in the woods, staring at walls, not talking, traveling, drinking beer, watching sports and anything to do with animals and music. Some of his favorite musicians are Mississippi Jon Hurt, Howlin' Wolf and Gram Parsons.

Frank currently lives in an underground apartment in Minot, ND and soon to be moving to Portland Maine. He hopes to eventually get to Northern California and live among the Redwoods.

[edit] Literary Career

Frank's first few books were published by Little Lies Publishing out of Huntsville Al. They are now out of print. He was raising a daughter out of a trailer in Alabama when he decided to do a reading at Flying Monkey Arts Center, where upon hearing him read the owner wanted to make chapbooks for him. Cancer Face and Exorcism of the Con-Artist were published in 2004, 2005.

With a 4 year gap in publishing books, Frank continued his travels, continued doing readings, but he had no prospects of publishing anymore books. He was in a bar in Boston Ma. in 2008 when Neo Poiesis Press called him and asked him to come aboard. His first full length poetry collection Interstate Chokehold was published in 2009. "The poems came from my time on that greyhound, not all of them, some are just wild rants...it follows no pattern or order, it's almost a greatest hits package from those years spent on the road, the reviews are what they are, some people call it one of the best, some call it one of the worst...the book has no middle ground, it seems to either hit you, or burn you".

Here are what some people said about Interstate Chokehold: “Frank Reardon works words like a hungry young prizefighter, creating killer combinations that produce knock out verse. Areal contender, the kid’s a triple threat with heart, style and class. An up and comer to be reckoned with.” - S.A. Griffin, Co-Editor, The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry

“Frank Reardon is a prophet, word brawler and unapologetic caller of society’s bullshit. His words are brutally honest and can take you places you didn’t know existed or weren’t comfortable traveling to alone. One of the best voices of our generation.” - Richard Daley, Co-Founder / Co-Editor, Off Beat Pulp Magazine

“Frank Reardon is a heart beating through impenetrable odds. His writing reaches into your skin, grabs your bones and asks you to dive head first off the cliffs of fear and fragility into the vulnerable sky of our empathetic space and time. Reardon is a carnival barker of the big tent show of love. His terrain is large and small at the same time. His language is a river and you swim in it until you reach the ocean of who you are.” - Scott Wannberg, Strange Movie Full of Death (Perceval Press)

Frank's second full length from Neo Poiesis Press will be out the fall of 2012, titled: The Nirvana Haymaker. "I'm really excited about this book, I feel it is more clear, it is more about me on the inside, more narrative, but it keeps my style. I think it's the best work I have ever done."

Frank also has published in a wide array of print and online magazines and journals. He is currently working on prose and would enjoy learning how to play guitar.

Influences: Frank cites many writers who have influenced him: Charles Bukowski, Jack Kerouac, Li Po, Robinson Jeffers, John Berryman, John Fante, Jack London, Eugene O'Neill, Louis Celine, Richard Brautigan, Harold Norse, Dylan Thomas, Scott Wannberg, S.A. Griffin, David Smith, Frank O' Hara, Hubert Selby, William S. Burroughs, Brendan Behan, Basho, e.e. cummings, D.A. Levy, Jack Spicer, Charles Olson, Robert Creeley, Stuart Perkoff, Anais Nin, Henry Miller, Walt Whitman, Knut Hamsun, Will Self, John Muir, William Carlos Williams, James Joyce, Albert Camus, Jean-Paul Sartre and Francois Villon. He also cites many friends in the current writing scene as influences: Will Crawford, John Dorsey, April Bratten, Iris Appelquist, Jason Hardung among many others.

[edit] Bibliography

  • Cancer Face, Little Lies ( out of print)
  • Exorcism of the Con-Artist, Little Lies ( out of print)
  • Interstate Chokehold, Neo Poiesis Press, 2009
  • Steak Bone Fever, Unadorned Press, 2011 ( chapbook)
  • The Nirvana Haymaker, Neo Poiesis Press, 2012.

[edit] External Links

PUBLISHER WEBSITE http://neopoiesispress.com/

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