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Natasha Gdansk (b. 1959 in Milwaukee, WI) is a Midwestern poet and writer of short fiction. She currently lives in the Milwaukee, WI area, and can be found at "the lost beat"where she collaborates with her cousin and fiction writer Tom Andrews.

Formative Period

Gdansk attended the University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee in the early 1980’s, studying business while working in the corporate world, trading words and thoughts for cash. She left that work in 1993 and metaphorically went off the grid until the turn of the millennium.

Around 2000, she attended Spectrum School of the Arts in Racine, Wisconsin, studying creative writing under Elizabeth Crawford-Katch (1997 Grammy Nominee for Spoken Word).

Style and Influences

Gdansk has been writing poetry and prose for most of her life, but has destroyed most of the evidence. Childhood literary influences were Edgar Allan Poe, Mary Shelly and W.B. Yeats. Later influences were F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Jean Shepherd and Anne Rice. Some have likened her literary upbringing to "Frankenstein and Dracula Meet the Beatniks."

Official Site

the lost beat


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