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David Blaine

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David Blaine
David blaine.jpg
David Blaine
Birth Date April 12, 1955
Birthplace Bronx, New York
Occupation Practicing Poet, Business Owner
Language English
Citizenship American
Genre Poetry
Influences Carl Sandburg
Website http://davidblaine.blogspot.com/

David Blaine (b. 12 APR 1955) is an American author and poet. His poetry, prose, reviews, essays and interviews have been published in many periodicals, online and in print. Blaine was a founding member of the Outsider Writers Collective and Press.[1]


[edit] Biography

Blaine was born in Bronx, NY. He moved to Michigan with his parents when he was three and currently lives near Deckerville, Michigan with his wife, Judy. Together they operate a hardware store and laundromat. Most of Blaine's education has come from ongoing adult and professional education classes as well as self directed study. He also took classes from Indiana University and Delta College, and received an associate degree from St. Clair County Community College, Port Huron, Michigan in 1989.

In 2007, Blaine joined the group, Outsider Writers. The current incarnation of the group, now called the Outsider Writers Collective and Press, was founded by a group of outsider writers that included Blaine along with Pat King, Aleathia Drehmer, Caleb J. Ross, Tim Hall, Lynn Alexander and Victor Schwartzman.

[edit] Publications

[edit] Books

  • A Fine Feathered Faith (2005)
  • The View From Here (2006)
  • Antisocial (Outsider Writers Press, 2009)

[edit] Anthologies

[edit] Journals

Arsenic Lobster, Artistry of Life, Blue Root, Contemporary Rhyme, CounterPunch, Fox Chase Review, Heavy Bear, Third Eye, Zygote in my Coffee, Red Fez, Catfish Gringo River

[edit] Video Poetry

[edit] Select Works Online

[edit] Further Reading

[edit] Reviews

[edit] Interviews

[edit] References

  1. outsiderwriters.org:About
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