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Crisis Chronicles Press

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Crisis Chronicles Press is an independent small literary publisher based in northeast Ohio. Founded in 2008 by John Burroughs in Elyria, it moved to nearby Cleveland in 2012. The press publishes poetry, fiction and memoir by authors from around the world in chapbook, broadside and perfect bound formats, and also curates the Crisis Chronicles Cyber Litmag.

Titles in Print

As of April 2015, Crisis Chronicles Press is also working on forthcoming titles by Juliet Cook, Lyn Lifshin, George Wallace, Mark Sebastian Jordan, Eric Anderson, Margaret Bashaar, Kathleen Cerveny, Heather Ann Schmidt, Alinda Wasner, Kevin Ridgeway, Austen Roye, Richard M. O’Donnell, William Merricle, Catherine Criswell, Carolyn Srygley-Moore, Tracie Morell, Meg Harris, Steven B. Smith, Christopher Franke, Helen Shepard, Azriel Johnson, John Greiner, Esteban Colon, John Dorsey and Lisa Cihlar.

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