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Creating your first new page

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Welcome to The Literary Underground Wiki, the open-source encyclopedia devoted to the underground press. You're invited to add your project, contribute additional information to already existing pages, or to edit what’s already published.

Creating a new page is not complex. The easiest method is to simply complete a search for whatever you'd like your new page to be titled. Use the "Go" button rather than the "Search" button when looking up articles for insertion. For example, if you wanted to add a page for your publication, simply type "My Publication Name" into the Search box and press GO. Follow these three steps:


[edit] Step 1. Complete a Search

This ensures that there isn't already a page started with the same title as yours. One of the ways to start a new page is to link to it from an existing page. If your title shows up in a "page text match" in your search results, 1.Go to the page 2.Edit the page enclosing your title like this: [["your page title"]] 3. Save the page and follow the linked page title.

If there is no "page title" matches or "page text" matches, continue with the next step.

[edit] Step 2. Click Create This Page

If there isn't an existing page, feel free to create one and add information to it. You can create a new page by clicking on the link "create this page" that appears in your Search results.

[edit] Step 3. Add Content

Tell us what you know about your topic. Be sure to cite sources, create relevant links, and lastly- add your page to a category.

Once you're finished, click "Save Page" at the bottom and you're done!

[edit] Formatting Pages

Need help making things bold or italic in your entry? See our cheatsheet.

[edit] Not sure what to write about?

Take a look at the requested articles.

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