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Chris Middleman

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Chris Middleman (b. 17 September, 1982) is an American poet, pop culture critic and editor. His poems have appeared in small press collections such as New York Quarterly, Underground Voices Magazine and Zygote in my Coffee, where "Debtors" was a featured poem. Middleman was the Music Editor for the pop culture webzine Spectrum Culture for two years and currently plays guitar in a cinema-inspired, instrumentals-only recording project called Napatista.


Personal Life

Middleman is from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, an exurb of Philadelphia. After graduating college in 2004, he lived in Boston, Massachusetts for four years and eventually moved to his current home of Seattle, Washington in 2008.


Selected Poems

"Debtors" Zygote in my Coffee

"1978 Camaro, Yellow" Eclectica

"At the Dealership" Underground Voices


Ryan J. Davidson's Under What Stars Spectrum Culture

Revisit: The Cars' The Cars Spectrum Culture

NEU! Boxed Set Spectrum Culture

External Links

Page at NY Quarterly

Spectrum Culture

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