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Chiron Review

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Chiron Review is a literary journal based in St. John, Kansas.[1]


[edit] History

Chiron Review was founded as The Kindred Spirit[2] in February 1982, by Michael Hathaway shortly after graduating high school and taking a job as typesetter at a local daily newspaper.[3] In March, 1989, the title was changed to Chiron Review.[4]

Jane Hathaway served as assistant editor until her death on Feb. 20, 2000 at age 63.[5] In March 1989, Gerald Locklin became contributing poetry editor and Raphael Zepeda became contributing fiction editor.[6] In September, 2003, John Brantingham joined the staff as a second contributing editor in fiction[7] and in March, 2008, Zachary Locklin joined as a second contributing editor in poetry.[8] Guest editors for special issues include Andrew Gettler[9] and Sarah Daugherty.[10]

[edit] Contents

[edit] Format

Chiron Review is printed in tabloid format with photos of featured poets.[11] It is noted for publishing the widest possible range of contemporary creative writing.[12] It is also known for fostering a sense of "community" in small press circles.[13]

[edit] Archives

Chiron Review's archives are collected by and housed at Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library at Yale University.[14] The journal is indexed by Humanities Index International Complete, Averill Park, NY.[15] Issues 18-81 were indexed by Index of American Periodical Verse.[16]

[edit] Contributors

Chiron Review has published work by authors such as Charles Bukowski, William Stafford, Marge Piercy, James Broughton, Edward Field, Antler, Richard Kostelanetz, Robert Peters, Lorri Jackson, Charles Harper Webb, Tony Barnstone, Erskine Caldwell, Wilma Elizabeth McDaniel, Janice Eidus, Denise Duhamel, Wanda Coleman, Hugh Fox, A.D. Winans, Clifton Snider, Felice Picano, Will Inman and Quentin Crisp.

[edit] Theme Editions

Chiron Review has published five theme editions. Issue #26 (spring, 1991) was written entirely by Vietnam veteran writers. The issue was guest edited by Andrew Gettler. The cover featured Steve Mason, Poet Laureate of the Vietnam Veterans of America. Other writers included were W.D. Ehrhart, Lamont B. Steptoe, David Connolly, James Soular, B.D. Trail, Jon Forrest Glade, Jabiya Dragonsun, Kevin Bowen, David A. Willson, Jerome Gold, Mack Moore and Jonathan Block. [17]

Issues #33, #50 and #81 were all-gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender editions. Issue #33 (winter, 1992) featured Will Inman on the cover. Among the other writers were Robert Peters, Sue Silvermarie, Antler, Laurel Speer, Lisa Beskin, Riq Hospodar, Michael Lassell, Myrna Elana, Sarah Van Arsdale, Hugh Fox, Sally Bellerose, Gavin Dillard, Linda Zeiser, Diane Williams, John Gilgun, Christopher Thomas, Rane Arroyo, Andrew Demcak, Scott Heim, Kenneth Pobo, Edward Field, Carl M. Daniels, Michael Gregg Michaud, David Trinidad and Janet Mason. [18]

Issue #50 (winter, 1992) featured James Broughton on the cover. Other writers were Leslea Newman, Will Inman, Denise Nico Leto, Jim Elledge, Laurel Speer, Antler, Gavin Dillard, S.K. Duff, Edward Field, Michael Lassell, Michael Lowenthal, William Reichard and Michael Gregg Michaud. There was also art by Gary H. Brown. [19]

Issue #81 (winter, 2005) featured Ian Ayres on the cover. Some writers included were Quentin Crisp, Jeff Mann, Will Inman, Shane Allison, Carl Miller Daniels, Laurel Speer, Michael Huxley, Collin Kelley, Phillip Ward, Hugh Fox, David Cope, Felice Picano, Kathleen Bryson, Jillian Lauren, Leslea Newman, Louie Crew, Laurie Levinger, Angelique Chambers and Jennifer D. Munro. [20]

Issue #89 (winter, 2009) was an all-punk issue, suggested by Beat poet and cartoonist Charles Plymell. Sarah Daugherty, MFA, guest-edited this special edition. Chiron Review #89 is a unique and authentic collection of edgy, dark and often humorous works by known and unknown punk rock writers and artists. Contributors to Issue #89 include Meri St. Mary, Eugene Robinson, Sab Grey, Shon Fox, Chairman Ralph, D.C. Lynn, John Oliver Hodges, Victor D. Infante, D.R. Haney, Doug Mathewson, Jeff Flaster, Sean Punk, Clifton Snider, klipschutz and Adelle Stripe. [21]

[edit] References

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