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Cherry Bleeds

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Cherry Bleeds was an underground independent online magazine that ran from June 13, 2000 through June 2010 publishing poetry, short fiction, and reviews. The magazine was started in San Francisco, California by radio show host and author, Tony Dushane, and Jim Bushneff. Jim left Cherry Bleeds after a couple of months and journalist and author, Robert Guskind, came aboard in October 2000.[1] Poet and activist, Paul Corman-Roberts, later joined the Cherry Bleeds editorial staff as poetry editor.

Unlike many online publications, Cherry Bleeds did not contain an archive of all published works so "writers can continue to try to sell/publish their work elsewhere." Starting in February 2005, select works were archived at the Cherry Bleeds site.[2]

Cherry Bleeds also released music from Ovum, Jonas Lindgren and Sult. Cherry Bleeds Press released a print publication of short stories by Tony Dushane called She Takes My Virginity and Chemical Lust, a sex and drugs anthology edited by Tony Dushane including stories by Robert Guskind, Debbie Kirk, Will Clarke, Karl Koweski, Amy Young, Tony DuShane, Melinda Adams, Jeffery S. Taylor, Sheyenne Jourdan, Will Carpenter, Lorele Vanzant, Mandy Beaumont, Justin Barret, Beth Harrington, Paul Corman-Roberts, Ericka Lutz and C. C. Parker.

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