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Blake Butler

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Blake Butler (born 1979) is an American writer.


[edit] Books

Butler is the author of the novella Ever, released in January 2009 by Calamari Press, and the novel-in-stories Scorch Atlas, from Featherproof Books.[1]

[edit] Blogs, Journals and Stories

Butler edits the literature blog HTML Giant, and two journals: Lamination Colony, and concurrently with co-editor Ken Baumann, No Colony. His other writing has appeared in The Believer, Unsaid, Fence, Willow Springs, The Lifted Brow, Opium Magazine, Gigantic and Black Warrior Review. His writing has been shortlisted for Best American Nonrequired Reading. He has published more than one hundred stories in magazine and journals, both online and in print.

[edit] Forthcoming projects

Blake has a forthcoming book, There Is No Year, due in 2011 from Harper Perennial[2].

[edit] References

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