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Anthony Liccione

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Anthony Liccione
Birth Name Anthony Liccione
Birth Date October 9, 1968
Birthplace Chicago, Illinois
Occupation Field Service Representative
Language English
Nationality Italian
Citizenship American
Genre Poetry
Partner Razel Jusa Mana-ay (fiancée)
Influences Charles Bukowski, John Steinbeck, Bob Dylan, Ernest Hemmingway, U2, The Holy Bible, Stephen King, Robert Frost, Sylvia Plath, Sigur Ros, Billy Collins, Bruce Springsteen.
Awards 2006 LizaBeth Poetry Award, Unscrambled Eggs Poetry Contest, 1st Place Winner "fake rejection letter" with Bloodcookies, 2nd Muses Prize - Best Peace Poem of Year 2005 - "As Like A Butterfly", Best City Poem of Year 2005 - "A Bus Stop Moment", Best Tragic Poem of Year 2005 - "Mayhem in the Coffee shop", Best Motherhood Poem of Year 2005 - "May you Mother", Best Horror Poem of Year 2005 - "Darkness"

Anthony Liccione (b. 9 Oct. 1968) is an American poet and author. He is the author of the books Back Words and Forward and Please Pass Me the Blood & Butter.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early Life

Liccione was born in Chicago, Illinois and raised in Rochester, New York. As a child, Liccione grew up in the struggles of a broken family, moving around in various homes, wandering from family member to family member.

During his teen years, he went from living with friends to strangers, a vacant house, a vacant garage, and finally living inside his car, all the while managing to survive.

[edit] Education

Anthony grew up in the inner-city skirts of Rochester, New York. Having no family guidance or support, he made his way through all elementary and high school, and achieving his diploma while living in his car in the 12th grade year. He went on to get his Associates in Architect and attempted to get his Bachelors in English, but withdrew from school to become a father.

[edit] Personal Life

After his many years in New York, he now resides in Ft. Worth, Texas with his two children, where he works for the power company disconnecting people who don’t pay their bills. He also serves for the Army National Guard part-time.

[edit] Literary Career

Liccione kept a journal from his childhood on the way up into his teen years. It gave him a sense of comfort after the loss of his mother at a young age-- to gather his thoughts and feelings and write them on paper.

In his early twenties he met rapper/writer Brian Parker, who introduced him and encouraged him to write poetry. This correlation embarked and changed his life into writing, and now twenty years later the pen still keeps flowing.

While attending college, a poem of his was accepted in the highly-acclaimed student literary journal Cabbages & Kings, which in turn encouraged him to begin writing on a serious level.

Liccione is the author of the chapbook Heaven’s Shadow published by Foothills Publishing and Parched and Colorless by Moon Publishing. He has poetry forthcoming in The Stray Branch in 2012 and poetry forthcoming in the January/February Issue of Hennen’s Observer. He is also involved with the upcoming album "Telling Tales" which will portray a poem of his in audible format, which is slated to be released early 2011 through hennensobserver.com

[edit] Style and Themes

Liccione's style of writing changed from spiritual, to inspirational to sarcastic, and now sits mostly underlined in dark and desperate-themed situations, such as: loss, struggle, death, addictions and disaster.

[edit] Books

  • Heaven's Shadow (Foothills Publishing, 2005)
  • Parched and Colorless (Moon Publishing, 2005)
  • Back Words and Forward (Publish America, 2005)
  • Please Pass Me the Blood & Butter (Lulu, 2006)

[edit] Selected Works

[edit] External Links


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