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Ann Menebroker

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Ann Menebroker

Ann Menebroker (b. 30 March 1936) is an American poet. She is recognized as one of the leading women writers of the no apologies offered and none needed male dominated "Meat Poets".[1] Menebroker has been a poet since the late 1950s.[2] She is the author of over twenty poetry collections (in addition to broadsides) and her work has appeared in dozens of anthologies, including The Outlaw Bible of American Poetry. She also appeared in the documentary, "I Began To Speak", produced by former Sacramento State graduate students B.L. Kennedy and Linda Thorell.



Early Life

Menebroker was born in Washington, D.C. and spent her childhood in Arlington, Virginia. Menebroker has lived in Sacramento, California since the early 1950s.

Literary Career

Menebroker is one of the featured poets in Poets on Deck, a deck of playing cards that celebrates the evolution of the Sacramento poetry scene.[3] She published Impulse for seven years off her IBM Selectric.[4]



Select works


Further Reading



Poetry about Ann Menebroker

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