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Aleathia Drehmer

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Aleathia Drehmer (b. 27 June 1973) is an American poet, author, editor, publisher, and photographer. She works as a Registered Nurse in the E.R., currently living in Painted Post, New York. She is the editor and publisher of Durable Goods. Kendra Steiner Editions has published two small collections of poetry by Drehmer titled Thickets of Mayapple and Circles.


[edit] Biography

[edit] Early life and education

Drehmer was born in 1973 in central Connecticut. Her mother was a wide-eyed 16 year-old and her father a Vietnam Vet only five years home when they met. He was 8 years older than her when their daughter was born. They travelled the country like gypsies for the most part until it became too much for them. Aleathia settled in Corning, NY.[1] Drehmer's writing started as a portal to another dimension when she was just 10 years old.[2]

[edit] Literary career

Aleathia’s publishing career started in 2004 at her local community college where she took first prize in poetry for two years and third prize in short fiction one of the years. Publishing online began in earnest in the summer of 2006.[3] In 2007, Drehmer became co-editor at Zygote in my Coffee with editors, Brian Fugett and Karl Koweski. She remained a part of the editorial staff until the announcement of Zygote's defunct status on May 30, 2010.

In 2008, Drehmer joined the group, Outsider Writers. The current incarnation of the group, now called the Outsider Writers Collective and Press, was founded by a group of outsider writers that included Drehmer along with Pat King, David Blaine, Caleb J. Ross, Tim Hall, Lynn Alexander and Victor Schwartzman. She also founded, along with Lynn Alexander, Full of Crow. In 2009, Drehmer founded and began publishing the print micro-zine Durable Goods.

In 2010, two books by Drehmer were released. Rank Stranger Press published A Quiet Learning Curve by Aleathia Drehmer and Dan Provost. You Find Me Everywhere by Aleathia Drehmer was published by Propaganda Press.

Drehmer is the founding editor/owner of the flash fiction zine, In Between Altered States. The first issue went online in May of 2010.

[edit] Chronological Publications List

[edit] Books

  • Thickets of Mayapple, Kendra Steiner Editions
  • Circles, Kendra Steiner Edititions (June 2009)
  • A Quiet Learning Curve, Rank Stranger Press (2010)
  • You Find Me Everywhere, Propaganda Press (2010)

[edit] Editor/Founder

  • Zygote in my Coffee, co-editor (2007-2010)
  • Full of Crow, co-founder/editor
  • Durable Goods, founding editor (2009-)
  • In Between Altered States, founding editor (2010-)

[edit] Select Works

[edit] Poems

[edit] Fiction

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[edit] Further Reading

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[edit] Notes and references

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