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The Literary Underground Wiki
The Literary Underground Wiki is an open-source encyclopedia devoted to the underground press. It covers the history, production, distribution and culture of the underground press.

Citizens For Decent Literature
Citizens for Decent Literature was founded in 2011 as a project of The Literary Underground. Established first as a print zine and APA (Amateur Press Association)—formats now include Little Books, Roll Your Own Stories and the Manuscript Series – all available for FREE. The Chapbook Series is available at or below cost. Now Playing @ Citizens for Decent Literature, the online publication of CFDL, began publishing poetry, short stories, essays, and rants on January 1, 2012 every third day. In August 2012 the publishing schedule moved to monthly with the first issue on August 15th.

Project U Radio
Project U Radio

The Literary Underground Events
The Literary Underground Events

–individuals involved in the LU are busy. they do this other stuff, too. check it out–



Occupy Underground
Occupy Underground’s goal is to promote taking an interest in involving yourself in your community. We think if you want money to filter down to the people you need to just give it to them. Instead of going to McDonald’s or Chilli’s try a local eatery. Go see some local cheap or free shows instead of spending eighty bucks on a big concert. Support your local film makers by attending the IFC circuit. We use the website as a forum where we can connect you to underground artists and musicians you might not have found elsewhere. The greatest music out there isn’t usually the stuff on the radio. The best writers aren’t always found in the bookstore. Go out, see what’s going on and spend your money in your community.

Red Fez Publications
Established in 2002 and founded by Leopold McGinnis, Red Fez Publications is an Independent publisher committed to bringing recognition to underground and under-recognized writers and artists. Red Fez publishes an online literary journal featuring literature and art outside of the narrow, academic stream and has published over 400 authors from around the world. Poems and short stories that have first appeared on Red Fez have been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, storySouth Million Writers Award, Sundress Publications Best of the Net and Dzanc Books Best of the Web.

Regardless of Authority
art moves where it wants to

Tiny-amp Records

Uno Kudo

Zygote in my Coffee
Never had Zygote in your coffee? Isn’t it about time? ZIMC is one of the oldest, best, most frequently updated, zany, cool, crazy alternative lit-zeens on the web! If you don’t know this site you don’t know nothing!


Dustbooks is a publishing company and the leading international supplier of small press information since 1964. International Directory of Little Magazines and Small Presses, Directory of Poetry Publishers, Directory of Small Press/Magazine Editors and Publishers, Small Press Review and more.

Lit List
LitList is an online network of literary journals, book publishers, online literary journals, and writers, that gives literary publishers and writers new ways to interact. Publishers can update their submission guidelines, contact information, and contests knowing that writers who follow them immediately see those updates. Writers can post updates, track submissions they send to publishers, and follow the publishers they love.

New Pages
News, information and guides to independent bookstores, independent publishers, literary magazines, alternative periodicals, independent record labels, alternative newsweeklies and more.

Open Library
One web page for every book ever published.

Poetry Publishers Who Accept Electronic Submissions
Compiled by Louie Crew

Poets & Writers
Job Listings, Literary Agents, Grants and Awards, Literary Magazines, Small Presses and more.

Writer’s Database
Track Submissions, Find Markets, Chart Your Writing Habits

-Special Collections (Print)-

Denver Zine Library
PO Box 13826
Denver, CO 80201

San Diego State University
Special Collections
c/o Michael Lopez
Library/Information Access
5500 Campanile Drive
San Diego, CA 92182

Toronto Zine Library
15 Thorndale Ave
Toronto, Ontario
M8X 1W8 Canada

University of Buffalo
Poetry Continuations
134 Lockwood Library
Buffalo, NY 14260

Zine Collection
Brooklyn College Library
2900 Bedford Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11210

University Libraries
The University of Alabama
PO Box 870266
Tuscaloosa, AL 35487

Marlboro College
2582 South Rd
Marlboro, VT 05344

Special Collections
Michigan State University Libraries
100 Library
E. Lansing, MI 48823

Papercut Zine Library
c/o Lorem Ipsum Books
1299 Cambridge St.
Cambridge, MA (? zip)

Linebaugh Public Library
105 W. Vine St
Murfreesboro, TN 37130

Dorothy H. Hoover Library, Zine Collection
Ontario College of Art & Design
100 McCall St.
Toronto, Ontario
M5T 1W1 Canada

-About Lit-

Flash Fiction Chronicles
Our goal is to help in the growth of quality flash fiction for writers and readers online and in print. This site is dedicated to the discussion of the art and craft of flash fiction, fiction in general, and the issues of writing, marketing, and publishing today.

Six Questions
a series of interviews in which editors “list, in excruciating details, all that each editor desires in his/her stories.”


The Comics Decoder
The Comics Decoder is largely the brainchild of poet, essayist and indie publisher R. W. Watkins. Watkins decided to start an online journal dedicated to comics and related areas when he noticed that many of the magazines and other websites dedicated to such matters were coming up short in their coverage and insight.

decomP magazinE
decomP (ISSN: 1947-0436) is an online literary magazine that is updated monthly. We have been in existence since April 2004, and were originally called Decomposition Magazine. We publish prose, poetry, art, and solicited book reviews.

Empty Mirror Books
Empty Mirror Arts & Literary Magazine has been online since 2000, and re-launched in a fresh format in 2012. We publish poetry, fiction, non-fiction (articles, essays, reviews, interviews, etc.)

Gutter Eloquence Magazine
Gutter Eloquence Magazine is a bi-monthly, online journal of free verse poetry. The intent of G.E.M. is to publish the best voices of the underground lit scene–and beyond. Both new and established poets are welcome, but keep this in mind: this zine seeks high-quality, high-octane writing–two-fisted free verse that pulls no punches and takes no prisoners!

Hobo Camp Review
A gathering place for the road-weary storyteller. Can you hear the highway? Can you smell the river? Sit a spell by the fire and tell us where you’ve been. We’re intersted in travel stories, Beat-ish poetry, something with a dark twist, and something that’ll make us laugh. Pretty much anything that sounds great read aloud beneath a railroad bridge at night.

Horror, Sleaze, Trash

The Idiom

In Between Altered States
In Between Altered States is a zine dedicated to showcasing excellent flash fiction that tries to bend the mind, incite double takes, and peel devilish smiles on the faces of its readers. Say what you have to say in a small space and make it exciting and complete.

inter|rupture aims to startle and assault the current by providing readers with emerging and established artists who crave discovery. We publish three times a year–February, June, and October–and primarily feature poetry, though each issue will contain one piece of fiction and one visual artist.

Jersey Devil Press
Jersey Devil Press is a small, independent publisher, located deep in the upper right ventricle of northern New Jersey. We release a monthly online magazine of short fiction and a yearly anthology in the more traditional “dead tree” format. We also publish the occasional novel or story collection, should we feel so inclined. We are not particularly fond of Jersey Shore.


Monkeybicycle is an online literary journal, which is updated on Mondays and Fridays. It is also a print journal, publishing two issues per year.

Negative Suck
Negative Suck is for writers and artists who don’t suck.

Founded in 2006 by M. Bartley Seigel, the nonprofit literary arts collective [PANK] — PANK Magazine,, the PANK Little Book Series — is committed to fostering access to emerging and experimental poetry and prose, from its brightest and most promising writers, to its most adventurous readers, across a variety of delivery platforms.

Phantom Kangaroo
Phantom Kangaroo accepts poems in any form, of any subject, or of any length, but favor is given to poetry in the shape of ghost sightings, horoscopes, obituaries (preferably yours), fortune cookie fortunes, tales of UFO abductions, and home-made love spells (preferably ones that work).

Prick of the Spindle
Prick of the Spindle publishes poetry, fiction (from flash to novella-length), drama, creative and academic nonfiction, and literary reviews.

StepAway Magazine
StepAway Magazine is a quarterly collection of urban prose and poetry, with an emphasis on the walking narrative.

Underground Voices Magazine
Underground Voices Magazine: Seeking quality, hard-hitting, raw, dark fiction, flash fiction, short stories, prose and poetry.

Word Riot

Zombie Logic Review