Brian Fugett is a member of the slacker, fast food generation that has been branded with an ‘X’ by that Canadian-born, literary terrorist known as Douglas Coupland. Meanwhile, he sits in his pad all day consuming more oxygen than he’s worth. He’s been doing it for over 40 years now and has become quite effecient at it. Eating and voiding are the only things he really knows how to do. Between meals and trips to the shitter, he covertly milks ‘West Nile Virus’ from the tits of pregnant mosquitoes and uses it to butter the toast of local politicians. He is the editor/publisher of Zygote in My Coffee.





Michael D. Goscinski is hiding out in the sticks of New York State with a real live poet. He has a “dueling banjos” ringtone on his phone and thanks the Lord every morning that he is not one of the livestock. He currently co-hosts Zygote in my Radio and his column Fish Tacos & Meat Sacks can be found at Zygote in my Coffee. Inquiries about the MDG Toilet Paper Tube Pocket Pussy line and hate mail should be sent to












Michelle L. QuinnMichelle L. Quinn: As the group’s de facto nerd, Quinn promises any orgasms she reenacts will be her own. She also promises to be drunk next time.













Doc BonnieDoc Bonnie:














Bud SmithBud Smith is 30, distracted, sleeps on his right side. He lives in Washington Heights, NYC and has written a collection of short stories called Or Something Like That. His car is on the verge of catching fire, so that’s all he dreams about. Putting the car out before it explodes. He also does heavy construction so if you have something heavy needing constructing, that’d be fine too. The forthcoming novels Tollbooth and I Wonder What My Skull Will Look Like, will arrive later this year.










Two dope emcees from Albuquerque, NM — Lowki of Bat Wings For Lab Rats and Nick Furious of Bandwidth No Name.










Born in seattle and having spent much of his life in the pacific northwest, Benjamin Poage is what you would call a forest hobbit. He lived most his life wandering the rainforests in and around oregon’s willamette valley frequently writing down poems and stories on little pieces of bark. Forest hobbit’s share many traits with both their shire and river cousins and Benjamin was no exception. He has a strong love of his pipe weed and a respect of life and things that grow. Rivers run all through the valley and it’s common to travel here by them. They are much more at home in the trees then the towns but unlike their cousins, forest hobbits do have a strong pull toward adventures. Young Benjamin traveled all across the land. Even stopping to take up residence in such places as southern california, phoenix, memphis, denver and washington dc. Always returning to the valley between these grand adventures that shaped and wizened him beyond his years. Currently his adventures have led him to albuquerque in the land of enchantment. Knowing the value of opening your mind to new perspectives, Benjamin is learning to commune with the rocks, sand, dirt, and extraterrestrials. He plans to explore this enchanted land and spend as much of his time as possible wandering.


Cory Taylor also known as CeeTee was born in a little town called Flint, Mi. As a child he witnessed the failing economic prosperity of his City as the auto industry closed down its’ plants one after another. Even though he hates to prove Michael Moore right he joined the army at the age of 17. After months of training and the death of his father he was finally stationed in Ft. Lewis as a part of the 2/75th Ranger Regiment. After 3 tours overseas he decided to pursue his college education in the state of New Mexico. After Meeting Ben Poage, and Clark James Kent while working at a car wash he never knew that he would be creating a website that would feature local artist, musicians and the creativity which can be witnessed every day in the streets of Albuquerque. He is now pursuing his goal to showcase everything that the underground scene has to offer; making the passion of others his own. Cory does not enjoy long walks on the beach because he believes that there are way more important things to do such as swimming or drinking while soaking in the sun. If you ever run into him make sure to say hello and tell him about what’s going on in your community. And if you happen upon him at a local event take a minute to quietly watch him record audio, take pictures and to observe the smile on his face as he meets new people and shares in their experience.



Shawn Misener is a writer and editor from Michigan. His short stories, flash, and poetry have appeared at over 60 publications in print and online. He is the founding editor of Clutching at Straws ( and his first novel is slated for publication in 2022. He’ s considerably cooler online than he is in real-life. He also has a difficult time distinguishing his dreams from his waking state. His three daughters are being groomed as free editors for his future writings.