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It’s the Denver Pre-show HIGH as %&$# Program. January 11, 2013

It’s the Denver Pre-show HIGH as %&$# Program. January 11, 2013

Jun 19

June/July 2012 On Project U Radio

Project U Radio airs online every Thursday night, at 10:30 CST,11:30 pm EST and the show page can be found here. Project U Radio is a weekly show featuring topics, discussions, guests, and call-in open mic sessions. Hosted by Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts, this show features a mixed bag- see full details about upcoming …

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Mar 14

The Literary Underground Radio: Project U Radio And Drakonian Vampire Tunnel

Thank you for your donations, always welcome, anytime. Link on sidebar. Donations pay for the monthly account costs on Blog Talk Radio. Feed the kitty. **NOTE**This week on Red Fez Radio, hosted by Tim Murray, tune in for a special tribute episode to F.N. Wright. DETAILS HERE . F.N. Wright Memorial Show. Read about him on …

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Jan 04

Radio Raffle Time!

  Got five bucks? Got more? Feeling guilty, 1%??? Welcome to the first LU Radio Raffle! All you have to do is toss a donation in the kitty (see right column) and your name will be added to the famous Fez, where lucky winners will be drawn LIVE on our January 13 Project U Radio …

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Jan 03

January 6th, Project U Radio @ The Literary Underground

TOPIC FOR DISCUSSION: Relationships and Writers: Have you ever dated a writer/poet? It has been said in some articles that the arrangement is doomed from the start, while others say that when it fits, it is a unique experience that serves to further both people’s creative endeavors…This Friday, we open up the phone lines to …

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Dec 13

January 20, 2012, Segment 5, Project U Radio

Segment 5: January 20, 2012.  ”Editorial Discretion”. Editors, would you publish work with content that you think is personally objectionable (i.e. racism) if you thought it was an otherwise good piece? How do you feel about a blanket policy about certain kinds of content, such as “We don’t publish anything that includes sexist elements”. Do you make …

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Dec 12

Welcome to Project U Radio

Welcome to the Literary Underground’s Project U’s Radio/Audio blog, where we will be posting information and links about upcoming shows, topics, guests, and more. We will also post a schedule as episodes are organized.