Jun 19

June/July 2012 On Project U Radio

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The Literary Underground also features Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet (Frank Reardon), The Drakonian Vampire Tunnel, and Meth Lab (Frankie Metro). Download previous episodes or listen online if you miss them! Read more for the schedule…

ARCHIVED-May 31, 2012 On Project U: (Link To Episode)  Is the individualistic sect tied more into literature vs. action? Is your revolution in your mind, on your page, but absent from your actual living, and practice? Do YOU live what you write? Are you attached to a particular school of thought but find difficulty with translating that into the real world? One criticism of anarchism, socialism, various “isms” is that they are IDEAS that many champions are able to write about or incorporate into their persona, but that a core belief system should not be about t-shirts or the branding of your literary output. One dilemma, and perhaps defense, that often holds true for anarchists, is that their beliefs are often misunderstood and it becomes easier to engage readers in one direction vs. frustrating dialogue. And let’s face it, declare yourself a “socialist” or “feminist” and society will pull out a page with bullet points that they think define you before you have even started talking.

We welcome special guests: Marty Rifles,Lynn Lomibao, co-chairs, California Socialist Party and Mimi Soltysik.

So in part one, on May 31, we will take a look at some of the “isms” out there, embraced by writers, and the challenges with defining yourself when there are different definitions, and a spectrum of beliefs.  Example: “My” feminism might sound very different from another’s, with different priorities. That might manifest differently in my creative work or personal activism. Further, like our definitions, the ways that we actually practice our beliefs is very rooted in situation and privilege.

ARCHIVED-Part two, the following week, on June 7: (Link To Episode) Anarchism. We will focus more on the literature and writers, and the translation of beliefs into writing and the extent to which we choose to actually LIVE our beliefs. Is literature an outlet, a harbor, a form of activism? And really, do you have to be “active” at all? Or can you just sit back with your view on how things should be or could be, keeping that apart from your writing and everyday voice?

ARCHIVED-Project U Radio, June 14. (Link To Episode)  Special guest Zarina Zabrisky. In this episode, we will revisit censorship again, but our own experiences with censorship and WHO-if anyone- should be in that position. In this month’s Strawberry Bitch at Red Fez (June) I recall the Judy Blume scandal of my youth and girls hiding her book “Forever” from their outraged parents. Some generations had their Millers, their Ginsbergs. Zarina Zabrisky discusses her experience in the Soviet Union and shares examples by reading Kharms and Kundera.

ARCHIVED-Project U Radio, June 21. (Link To Episode) Spectral Ganglia: Open Mic, call in. Featuring Roger Porter with intro track “Quit Hollering At Me” by John Prine. We don’t have themes with our open mic, but maybe we do. Open format call in show for listeners to call in and share words and sounds, and read whatever they wish.

Project U Radio, June 28. (Link to Episode)   TBA.

Note: On Thursday, July 6, we will all be at Toxic Abatement in San Francisco. (Info)  If you are in town, come by Viracocha. This event will likely be streamed live online, check the event page on facebook for the latest updates, details, poets, musicians, and more.  We will add the link to the location of the web feed so if you can’t make it, you can tune in. It is also possible that we will stream some of the event on Project U- we are working that out. We will keep you posted. And check back to this page where we will post the episodes for July.  Thank you for your support, donations, and calls. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your views. And we remain uncensored, unscripted, and unhinged. Radio at the Literary Underground is NOT FREE. We pay a monthly bill, so your donations through paypal count toward that expense.

ARCHIVED: July 12, 2012. (Link To Episode)  Post bay, post gathering. In this episode, we will take a look at the punk aesthetic, open to interpretation and open to your ideas. If you grew up with punk, miss punk, scorn punk, are suspicious of punk, or live punk- what does it mean, how has it changed, what is “punk” in 2012? This show aims to take a broad view on genre and definition. Special guests to be announced.

July 19, 2012. No show.

July 26, 2012. (Link To Show) Special guests Tim Murray and Michele McDannold will join Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts on this episode of Project U Radio. Tim will discuss his new chap from CDFL Press “Dinosaur Ditch” and will read some poems.