Apr 27

Coming Up On Project U Radio- April And May

     Project U Radio is a radio program hosted by Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts that streams live over the internet, with live callers and archives you can download. Brought to you by The Literary Underground, Project U Radio generally airs on Thursday nights, at 11:30 p.m. EST, 8:30 PST. Listen, set reminders, download an archive, and more at the show page: here.  All welcome. Uncensored, unscripted, unhinged. Santorgasmic Family Values programming that will make your Aunt Helen smile. We’re already deranged, but we need your illness too. Project U is about asking the tough questions (then straying off topic), hard hitting small press journalism (ok, maybe passive facebook surfing journalism) and a commitment to poetry as demonstrated by random performances and open mic nights. We’re gonna make you take a shower and proclaim your poetic tendencies from the top of a box store. Kick it.

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Listen now to our April 26 show! Listen or download from the archives here! LIVE AT THE TELEGRAPH, OAKLAND-with special guests Missy Church, Hollie Hardy- some of the organizers of BEAST CRAWL. Find out about BEAST Crawl, planned for July. Lynn Alexander and Paul Corman-Roberts. To find out about BEAST Crawl, 2012, check the website here. 

More Literary Underground Radio Goodness: Frank Reardon now hosts Your Mother’s Medicine Cabinet, on Monday evenings. Frank interviews small press writers with live call in. Draconian Vampire Tunnel airs in the ass of dawn on Tuesday nights. (Wednesday, East Coast) Frankie Metro will bring you a mixed bag of music, poetry, live callers, and more. Worth staying up for! And let’s face it, you are up talking to Brian Fugett anyway.

Coming up on PROJECT U Thursdays. You KNOW you want to call in: 

(Archived) April 26: LIVE AT THE TELEGRAPH, OAKLAND WITH SPECIAL GUESTS MISSY CHURCH AND HOLLIE HARDY. Find out about BEAST Crawl, in July. Listen to Paul Corman-Roberts eat and ramble while Lynn Alexander eggs him on. Will he pass the phone around Oakland? FIND OUT!

May 3: (Go To Episode) The Literary Underground: Community, Collective, Chaos? What IS The Literary Underground? The time has come to share the vision of the Literary Underground community, with founder Michele McDannold, who will speak to her “manifesto”. We would also like to hear your thoughts on this segment about this idea of community building, if it can work, or if it is doomed to collapse in a cloud of chaos and ego implosions. If you remain positive about the collective or community model, share your thoughts on what works. If you are cynical and sour, we want to hear about that, too.

And it goes without saying that in small press, some people play nicer than others. Some take a diplomatic stance on disagreements, and some feel that it is important to speak out and call things as they see it. But what happens when people try to work together toward common goals, and personalities clash or there are differences in direction, aesthetics, resources, priorities? Can conflict derail a good thing? Did you ever feel like community can both lift, and splatter? As much as a community can support, it can also create concerns about other people speaking for you. How do you avoid taking on other people’s conflicts in a community? Is this particularly difficult with writers, or is this dynamic a problematic area for all cooperative groups of people?

Last, but not least, do you expect a community to have your back, right or wrong? What does loyalty look like? And how can you keep yourself from getting roasted in other people’s fires?

May 10: Editorial Affirmative Action? Read the background on this topic in Lynn Alexander’s column at Red Fez, “Criticism’s A Bitch” on the subject of female submissions in the independent press and the solution (if any) to the problem of female under-representation. Is it a problem, and editors- can anything be done about it?  Open call in, all opinions welcome.

May 17: The Male Aesthetic. Call in, and give your opinions. Is there such a thing in small press, and are you partial to it? What kinds of presses and publications, web or print, do you associate with the term?

May 24: TOXIC ABATEMENT is coming to San Francisco’s Viracocha in July. Find out more, and hear some poems from featured readers. Can we get Zarina and Sammy Dwarphobia to talk to us? Depends. Do we have the chops to ask?

May 31: Spectral Ganglia: Poetry and Sound Experiments. Open Mic. Live call in. Spontaneous Poetry, Overheard In Pittsburgh, Poetic Voyeurism. Milwaukee- Midwest Book Fair coming up on June 1, where Michele McDannold and Tim Murray will be out there representing Red Fez, Full Of Crow Press, and the Literary Underground. Hear from Michele. Unless she is sleeping. Hear from Tim Murray, unless he leaves his phone in the refrigerator again.