Dec 18

January 13: Tainted Dayton Show And Raffle

Brian Fugett (pictured below) is becoming a man this month at a private party but none of us are invited so we will express our disgust while we try to raise some money for Project U Radio with a raffle of awesome prizes. These prizes are so awesome that we can’t even post about them here. As a teaser, however, we will say that we just might have a basket of laundry for you to try to win and sniff from Phyllis Miller herself. We’re talking ripe compression stockings, straight from the Hi Rise! Five bucks, via paypal, and you get a chance to win. All proceeds go to Project U Radio operating expenses, nothing fishy. Just trying to toss some money in the Literary Underground kitty.

In this segment, we will dis-honor Mr. Brian Fugett with some roasting and ribbing as we celebrate his 40th with some well deserved abuse. The call in number isĀ (805) 856-2808. This is the link to the show page where you can listen through your phone if you have cheap-ass internet, listen online, listen to the archive, or call in to say something. *here*.

Here is your chance to holler about hamsters, poetry grenades, aerosol cheese, porn-a-rama, and Karl Koweski.

Karl Koweski, here is your chance to holler about Gordon Lightfoot.

Gordon Lightfoot, here is your chance to holler about being Canadian.

And Canadians? You can holler about having Leopold. Eh?

Leopold can’t holler because he will be too busy.

Plus, he’s kinda locked in an old refrigerator. Because he’s a raffle prize.