Jul 10

Get Ready, Springfield! The poets are coming…

FREE and OPEN to the public. The Literary Underground is pleased to present “This is Poetry” sponsored by Citizens for Decent Literature Press, Punk Hostage Press, Red Fez Publications, Zygote in my Coffee and Blotterature Literary Magazine. AUGUST 9th 7-10PM. The Legacy Theatre, 101 E. Lawrence Ave., Springfield, IL. FEATURED PERFORMERS: Ron Whitehead, Ryder Collins, …

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Apr 17

Call for submissions: The Parenthetical Review

The Parenthetical Review is seeking works of fiction and creative non-fiction for its forthcoming online edition. Submissions should be approximately 5,000 words. Humor, speculative fiction, research-based non-fiction and immersion journalism will all be considered. The deadline for submissions is 15 May. All work can be e-mailed as an attachment to submissions@parentheticalreview.com Visit: www.parentheticalreview.com to see …

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Apr 15

grassroots, yo

ok. so i don’t like kickstarter. first of all there’s the fees. we already operate in the red, so fuck that. also, there’s a bunch of crap you gotta fill out and i’m lazy sometimes and i didn’t feel like it. also, you have to send out “rewards” to everyone… see reason #1. and isn’t …

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Apr 07

Butter-Coating Our Art, Or How I Gave Up Caring About What Is Art and Focused on Enjoying Art

Let me first say: this is going to be the one and only butter reference that I’ll ever make in a blog post. Promise. (I keep saying how no one will let me live down that one time that I might’ve danced in a kiddie pool of butter at a Jacksonville, IL poetry reading, but I’m partially to …

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Mar 21

Unknown/Untalented Author Single-Handedly Exhausts World’s Irony Reserves with Overtly-Smug Debut Effort

BRYCE ALLEN’S THE SPARTAK TRIGGER DERIDED IN POORLY-WRITTEN PRESS RELEASE Unknown/Untalented Author Single-Handedly Exhausts World’s Irony Reserves with Overtly-Smug Debut Effort Poyais City, POYAIS — The fictional Big Gun Literary Agency is pleashamed to announce the release of THE SPARTAK TRIGGER, the debut novel from Canadian author Bryce Allen. Described by several imaginary reviewers as …

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Feb 28


THIS IS POETRY The Literary Underground is pleased to announce a new project called “This is Poetry”. The project will ultimately result in an eight-volume collection of poetry, each volume representing poets from a specific geographic region as well as several special collections. These perfect-bound books will be published under Citizens for Decent Literature Press, …

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Jan 26

the debut issue of Blotterature Literary Magazine is now LIVE

http://blotterature.com/ contributors: Amy Lindsey, ira joel haber, Carol Moore, Tim Murray, Carla Winterbottom, K.A. McGowan, Roberta Turner, Peter Fraser, Isaac Blum, William Taylor Jr., J.B. Mulligan, Miguel Gardel, Thaddeus Rutkowski, E.B. Ellis, Nicole Montalvo, Kayla Greenwell, Lee Olsen, Janine Rivett, Suzanne Cope, Aaron Fine, Toke Hoppenbrowers, Maximillian Jackson, Rev. Dr. David Breeden, Joe Gianotti, Kachan …

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Jan 26

Gutter Eloquence Issue #29

http://www.guttereloquence.com/ contributors: P.A. Levy, Robin Engst, David Adkins, Christopher K. Hanson, Mark J. Andrews, Dave Gregg, Holly Day, Scurvy Bastard, Michael Frias-May, Steve Klepetar, Brenton Booth, Herb Guggenheim, Athena Nilssen, BZ Niditch, Jack Henry, Michele McDannold, Luis C. Berriozabal, Jon Wesick, Marjorie Sadin, Fotis Tzanakis, John Grochalski, Ford Dagenham

Jan 25

maybe next time it’s you

I would like to be writing this blog post about anything else. Anything positive and affirming to the creative community. Instead, it’s this… Artists in residence at the Collingwood Arts Center in Toledo, Ohio are being evicted–given thirty days notice–in the dead of winter. This is not just some art space. This is their home, …

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Jan 21

Palaver Press Call for Submissions

OPEN CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS For a new audio-literature podcast series by Palaver Press. [ short fiction (in audio), music & sound ] PALAVER PRESS is launching two themed audio-literature podcasts in the Spring of 2014, and we’re on the hunt for amazing works of short fiction, music and sound from today’s most exciting independent authors …

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