Anastasia Trekles

Anastasia Trekles

Dr. Anastasia Trekles is a clinical professor at Purdue University Northwest in Westville, Indiana. She also works with several professional non-profits to support educators and writers in Indiana and the Chicagoland area, including serving as board chairperson for the Indiana Connected Educators and the Indiana Writers’ Consortium.

And while she might not have graduated from the Zondrell Magic Academy, but she has spent a fair amount of time around schools, as well as her personal passion of fantasy fiction. The world of M’Gistryn is a world completely her own, inspired by everything from Final Fantasy to Star Wars, from Harry Potter to the Sopranos, and from Ancient Rome to Eastern philosophy. But there’s more to M’Gistryn than magic and prophecies – it’s a world full of real people, struggling with real situations and emotions.

In Core, the first book in the M’Gistryn series, she explores issues of war, coming of age, and the fulfillment of life’s purpose. You are invited to follow the journey of two young men, Tristan and Alexander, as they search for their true natures in a world that blends magic and adventure with politics and personal strife.

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