Craig Cady

Craig Cady

Craig Cady is a poet & performance artist who is here as an experiment. Where ‘here’ is changes frequently, but his original home of Cassfield remains with him wherever he goes. He has performed as a goodwill ambassador from his great city-state with his collaborator, musician Lucas Carey, across your United States from Brooklyn to Los Angeles, and especially the places in between.

Craig’s purpose in life is to protect the world from the dehumanization & greed of the wealthy elite. Armed with a repository of kindness & a master’s degree in gerontology from USC, his ultimate goal is to create a sustainable intergenerational community that fosters a healthier & more connected world.

Craig is embedded as an artist in residence this summer in the Michigan City area. Say hello when you see him queering the state of Indiana.

Craig will be performing during the Sidewalk Pulp and the featured reading Legit AF.