Lily Rex

Lily Rex

The first official poet laureate of her hometown, Highland, Indiana, Lily Rex is a ‘region’ writer and always will be. Her life may or may not be a never-ending quest to find the perfect thrift store leather jacket. Non-literary hobbies include beating yellow lights, photographing her dog, and fishing. So far the quest for poems and fish has taken her around the United States and to the United Kingdom and Spain. Hopefully, it will take her to an MFA program soon.

She has won the Poetry Palooza at Purdue North Central three years running, recited her work as part of various classes during her undergraduate career and presented a collection of poems at the 2016 Sigma Tau Delta International Convention in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She took second place for undergraduate poetry in the 2015 Stark-Tinkham Writing Contest. Her work often centers on issues of social justice and nature’s relationship to human identity. Her poetry has been published in Portals, and she has been a guest reviewer for Blotterature Literary Magazine. Follow her on twitter, @LilyLRex, for updates on readings, general literary shenanigans and the development of her first chapbook.

Lily will be performing during the Sidewalk Pulp, a pop-up open mic!