EMP Books

EMP sprang from the question: “Really, how hard is it to make a decent looking book from start to finish and print it off at this desk?”

About as hard as the average person is resourceful.   Took 11 hours.  Start to finish.  From getting out of the shower and deciding to ignore my phone for the rest of the day to finally figuring out that annoying first/last, second-to-last/second, third/third-to-last formatting and holding a printed book soaked in beer. 

After the novelty of the first book wore off – and it had been foisted on everyone in town – the only logical conclusion was to start making books for other people.  Not just to keep the addicting habit of making, printing, and selling books going, but because people’s words deserve to be on a page, not on some godawful screen (printed copies of this website are available, just send us a self addressed envelope).

Our production methods have improved a lot (we pay the kind of people who are capable of coloring in the lines to print the books for us these days), we finally agreed to get a website, we allow people to pay us in actual money and have forsaken the barter system.  We still believe with all our (broken) hearts, though, that books are sold mano a mano because reader and author are making a connection.  If you’re buying one of our books, it’s because you’ve already bought into one of our authors.

EMP makes minimalist books with a punk rock, DIY ethic because books are important, damn’t, and people deserve something tangible and enduring. https://empbooks.com/