Flatmancrooked publishes a fiction and poetry anthology, novellas by debut authors under the New Novella imprint, and novels. As part of the New Novella imprint, Flatmancrooked operates Launch, a program that allows the community to invest in the future of an emerging author based on the merit of work previously published by Flatmancrooked. In keeping with the founding ideals, Flatmancrooked is deeply dedicated to the cultivation of our authors’ careers and support titles with various events and book tours. Flatmancrooked awards three prizes annually: the Fiction Prize (with a grand prize of $1000) and the Poetry Prize (with a grand prize of $500). Flatmancrooked publishes a new piece of fiction on the website every week in addition to a blog that includes commentary on the publishing and literature industry.


Elijah Jenkins founded Flatmancrooked as a fiction e-zine in 2007. In March of 2008, Elijah met James Kaelan. Elijah and James partnered to re-launch Flatmancrooked as an independent online and print publishing house. They set out to do this without taking out any loans and without selling any advertising for their anthologies. They received a micro-grant from a local patron of the arts, and in September of 2008, Flatmancrooked published its first anthology, First Winter, which included new fiction from Ha Jin and a new Jorge Luis Borges translation. In August 2008, Deena Drewis began working at Flatmancrooked as an intern. She quickly moved up the ranks to Senior Editor, and in April 2009 was offered a full partnership in the business. James Kaelan left Flatmancrooked to focus on his writing and teach at Pepperdine in the winter of 2009. Since that time, Flatmancrooked has held events and readings across the country and extended their publishing domain to fiction anthologies, novels, poetry, and an imprint dedicated to publishing novellas by debut authors. Flatmancrooked hosts two annual prizes—the Flatmancrooked Fiction Prize, judged by Aimee Bender in 2009 and Benjamin Percy in 2010, and the Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize, judged by Mary Karr in 2010. Lead by their infamous workaholic executive director, Flatmancrooked has survived and thrived in the worst economic downturn since the great depression, has published authors with PENs and Pushcarts, and has managed to do this with a dedicated staff, a maniacal devotion to their authors, a purposefully-limited, hyper-developed list, and a spirit of innovation.


Executive Director Elijah Mac Jenkins

Senior Editor Deena Drewis

Assistant Editor – Prose/Poetry Josh Neely

Assistant Editor – Outreach Steve Owen

Editor at Large Andy Jones

Editor at Large ● B.L. Pawelek

Online Acquisitions Editor Andrew O. Dugas

Press & Rights Manager Erin Hosier

Assistant Lexus Franklin

Interns Jonathan Danielson & Bethany Rice


Recent Press:

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6.18.10 – Discover Channel’s Tree Hugger.com interviews James Kaelan, author of We’re Getting On, about the Zero Emission Book Project

6.14.10 – Emma Straub, Anya Groner, and Josh Peterson all named in Comma ‘n Sentence’s 15 under 40

6.2.10 – Hipster Bookclub interview with James Kaelan, author of We’re Getting On (Zero Emission Book Project)

6.1.10 – Sactown Magazine (print): named “Best of the Arts in Sacramento”

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5.12.10 – Undue Verbage (Straub’s Fly-Over State and Knickerbocker’s Your Rightful Home)

5.6.10 – Sacramento News and Review, review of Kaelan’s We’re Getting On

5.4.10 – Bakotopia story and Review (about We’re Getting On and the Zero Emission Book Project)

4.26.10 – Pank Magazine review of We’re Gettting On by James Kaelan

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4.19.10 – The Rumpus review of We’re Getting On by James Kaelan

4.18.10 – The Nervous Breakdown (Emma Straub as featured author of the month)

04.12.10: The New Yorker (blurb for Seth Abramson’s MFA article for Flatmancrooked)

3.26.10 – New York Times (blurb about Flatmancrooked)

3.10.10: The Green Explorer – on the ZEB Project

3.1.2010: Broken Pencil (profile of Flatmancrooked) (Canada)

2.18.10: HTML Giant – Author spotlight of James Kaelan for We’re Getting On and the ZEB Project

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02.03.10: Bookslut Review of Fly-Over State

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12.20.09: Noses in Books

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10.02.08: Sacramento News and Review (print)



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The following links (if any links follow) lead to Flatmancrooked’s Digital Galleys. We’ve decided to house PDF proofs of all books published by Flatmancrooked for critical and media review, as well as bookstore, library, and university perusal. All PDF files are password protected and displayed in full (excepting those works whose authors or responsible estates explicitly prohibit online archival). To receive the password for a digital proof, please send an email to editors@flatmancrooked.com, containing the following: name, title, business/institution (if applicable), phone number, which publication you’d like to preview, and your reason for the preview request. Pending approval of management, Flatmancrooked will deliver, within two days, the pertinent password for the requested document, either by telephone or by email.

We welcome requests for hardcopies of all publications for critical and media review and will fulfill requests so long as electronic galleys remain available. Flatmancrooked management reserves all discretionary rights for the allocation of electronic access to their publications.

All rights are reserved for the Flatmancrooked Digital Galleys. Please do not print, save, copy, or otherwise duplicate any portion of the galley. Please do not give access to other unauthorized parties, or disseminate the password. Authors may choose at anytime to have their work removed from a Digital Galley. Digital Galleys will be removed shortly after their respective national print release dates.

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