New Novella is an imprint of Flatmancrooked Publishing that is dedicated to novella-length manuscripts in the range of approximately bookontable10,000-40,000 words. While historically, novellas have rarely been produced as stand-alone, single-author titles, it is Flatmancrooked’s belief that novellas can and ought to be a viable form.

All titles from debut authors put out under the New Novella imprint utilize our innovative, community-supported monetization model (see LAUNCH). All titles put out under this and all Flatmancrooked imprints are promoted and toured as “standard” single author books might be.

Once the first edition sells out, a second edition is distributed to all major books stores via Ingram anddirectly to consumers via Flatmancrooked’s STORE, utilizing print-on-demand technology (because we love trees). The New Novella imprint provides an intimate outlet for works of fiction that have heretofore not had a viable outlet.

The current titles under this imprint are:

Emma Straub’s Fly-Over State – Released Oct, 2009. 1st ed. SOLD OUT in 23 days (2nd Ed. now available everywhere books are sold.)

Alyssa Knickerbocker’s Your Rightful Home – Released February, 2010. 1st ed. SOLD OUT in 4 days (2nd Ed. available May, 2010, everywhere books are sold.)

Writers wishing to have their work considered for this imprint should submit manuscripts via the submission page.


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