novel by Shya Scanlon

Launching: November, 15th 2010



Flatmancrooked’s LAUNCH is the most innovative author promotion program in the industry. Here’s how it works:

The Launch program is a front-end, community-based monetization model for launching an author’s debut book. During the Launch period, patrons can buy a “share” and thus help “launch” the career of a promising writer. In return, the philanthropist receives a signed, limited, first-edition copy, and the comfort of knowing that he or shehelped feed a struggling artist. While the Launch is ongoing, short stories by the author that Flatmancrooked has previously published will be made available for free on the website, so that our readers can get a feel for the author’s style and decide whether he or she is an author they’d like to see more from.

Flatmancrooked’s basic, boiler-plate contract offers no advance to the author, but a 50% royalty share. This model is somewhat controversial, but thus far has proved extremely successful. We promote and support all titles utilizing Launch with the full arsenal of Flatmancrooked’s grassroots promotional arm. Interviews are conducted, commercials are shot, and various release parties and readings are held.

History: Emma Straub’s Fly-Over State was Flatmancrooked’s inaugural LAUNCH. It was a great success, selling out of the 200 first editions in 17 days, a Flatmancrooked record. Alyssa Knickerbocker’s Your Rightful Home followed 8 months later. Alyssa broke previous records, selling out of the 300 first editions in 14 days.

What followed 3 months later was the innovative Zero Emission Book Project and the LAUNCH of James Kaelan’s We’re Getting On, a 100% green book made with all post-consumer products and seed cover that grows into trees. While the 1,000 copies did not sell out in the alloted two week period, the book did sell more LAUNCH copies than any book previous and landed James Kaelan on the cover of Poets and Writers.

The following LAUNCH of Edan Lepucki’s If You’re Not Yet Like Me again broke records and exceeded our wildest expectations, selling the 400 1st edition copies in 5 days.

To follow are works by Shya Scanlon (FORECAST, launching November 15th, 2010) and works by author Mathew Salesses and Thomas McCafferty.

LAUNCH: Emma Straub’s Fly-Over State! SOLD OUT (Second Edition now available)

LAUNCH: Alyssa Knickerbocker’s Your Rightful Home! SOLD OUT (March 15th, 2010) – (reprints available)

LAUNCH: James Kaelan’s We’re Getting On! (July 1st, 2010: 1st and 2nd editions now available)

LAUNCH: Edan Lepucki’s If You’re Not Yet Like Me! SOLD OUT (Second Edition now available)




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