Flatmancrooked is officially closed, as of May 1, 2011. All final orders will be shipped by May 5th and poetry prize entries refunded by May 15th through Submishmash. Thank you for your support and patronage. We already miss everything.


Please read this.

Flatmancrooked publishes good stories, both fiction and non-fiction. We make it a regular practice to publish work electronically first. Then, as we near a deadline for an anthology, we choose pieces from that body of work (a “best of” kind of thing) for print publication.

Story aside, there are two things that will exponentially increase your chances of pleasing the editors:

1.) Read the submission guidelines carefully, paying close attention to word count and submission guidelines, and send one submission at a time. In other words: wait to hear back from us before you submit something else. And while we do accept simultaneous submissions, please make note of that in your submission form and let us know as soon as possible if we’ve missed out on your work.

2.) Know what we publish. To get an idea of what we’re in to, read our blog and writing section, or, better yet, buy a tangible copy of one of our books. If we publish reprints it is usually something we’ve sought permission to republish. And, while we occasionally publish art and poetry, we do not accept unsolicited submissions for either. Submissions that do not follow the guidelines will not be read.

In regards to both the print anthology and website, Flatmancrooked acquires, respectively, only single print/electronic publication rights. We will make every effort to keep everything we publish electronically available indefinitely in the archives, provided we receive permission from the author.

Work may only be submitted electronically. Paper submissions will be promptly recycled, so please save your paper and your postage. The submission form below is easy as pie.

Flatmancrooked considers all story titles working titles, most often puts stories through an editorial process, and reserves the right to copy edit.


Flatmancrooked gets regular inquiries about our unique imprints, prizes, and programs. Because of that, we’ve created this publication track map (click to see full-size):




This category is for work in the 500-9,000 word range. Short stories or essays may be submitted year-round and during our Flatmancrooked Fiction Prize submission period. All short stories are published first online, and some are selected for the print ANTHOLOGY. Please use the link below, which will redirect you to our submissions page.


Our novellas fall within the 9,000 and 40,00 word range. Please use the link below, which will redirect you to our submissions page. Update: 1/19/2011: Novella submissions are temporarily closed.



Presently, we only accept poetry submissions through the Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize, spear-headed by Assistant Editor Joshua Neely. The prize is offered annually, during the winter. The content of the poetry anthology is populated by top contest entrants and previously published poems chosen by our editorial staff and Flatmancrooked’s Poets-In-Residence.


This is work beyond 40,000 words. Please include the first 10,000 words of your book in an e-mail. Send this work to


We regularly put out a calls for artwork, but do not accept unsolicited submissions in this area.



Flatmancrooked current administers two prizes annually: the Flatmancrooked Fiction Prize (submissions open in May, prize announced in October, published in the winter) & Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize (submissions open in December, prize announced in April, published in the summer). For more information, go here.



We encourage submissions by mail. Some writers refuse to send work in any form, save paper. So, for those few:


Flatmancrooked Publishing
PO Box 161003
Sacramento, California


Response time for work submitted varies wildly; four months would be long, but please wait at least two months before inquiring after a submission.


Online:  Flatmancrooked does not currently pay for online publication but online publication is (A) the first step towards being included in the anthology, (B) entails roughly 3-4k reads a month, and (C) is very admirable.

Anthology: Beginning with Flatmancrooked’s Spring 2009 edition, the payment to authors will be dependent entirely upon sales, sales which will follow a pay-what-you-may model. In other words, the anthology’s price will begin at the actual cost of producing the book. For the purpose of example, let’s say that cost is $8.00 (including printing, shipping, etc). Beyond that, patrons will be able to pay a price they think is fair, much as NPR listeners pay what they think fair for a year’s membership.

Once Flatmancrooked’s bare-bones costs are recovered (cost of print, shipping, etc), the profits will be split 50/50. 50% will go to Flatmancrooked, 50% to the authors included in the book. Payment to the authors will be based on the number of pages an author occupies in an anthology. If you take up 20 pages in a 200 page book, you would get 10% of the 50%, or 5% of profits. If the anthology does great, we can pay very well. If not, neither we nor the industry can survive. Our authors will continue to receive a first edition copy of the anthology, along with any schwag we can spare. We (both Flatmancrooked and our authors) must leave our success in the hands of our patrons. This is a new day in publishing, and we’re going to re-write the model.  (letter from Elijah on payment structure)

Full-length Books: Advances are guaranteed to be small and profit sharing large. Beyond that, this is a case-by-case situation.



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If you have a full length book, are located outside of the U.S., or are having trouble with the above form, please send your submission to

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