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Flatmancrooked’s ANTHOLOGY imprint is the masthead of Flatmancrooked Publishing.

Beginning in November, 2009, the Flatmancrooked Fiction Anthology will be an annual publication. Flatmancrooked’s Fiction Anthology is comprised subscripgrphcof writers whose work has been previously published in Flatmancrooked’s online magazine, the Flatmancrooked Fiction Prize recipient, and the other finalists, as well as the occasional not-previously-published piece. Authors that have been or are slated to be included in Flatmancrooked Anthologies include James Kaelan, Ha Jin, Emma Straub, Jorge Luis Borges, Adolfo Bioy Casares, Peter Grandbois, Daniel Grandbois, Les Edgerton, Myfawnwy Collins, Michael Bible, Theodore Wheeler, James Karuga, Charlene Kwon, Kristin O’Toole, J.M. Buddie, Shya Scanlon, N.A. Jong, Kevin Walsh, J. David Stevens, Brian Evenson and Thomas McCafferty. Support this endeavor and buy a copy here.

The Flatmancrooked Poetry Anthology will be published for the first time (and annually thereafter) in the spring of 2010. Flatmancrooked’s Poetry Anthology will be comprised of poets whose work is selected by Flatmancrooked’s editorial staff and the Quarterly Poet-In-Residence, as well as Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize finalists.

Flatmancrooked’s anthology contains absolutely no advertising and will not entertain inquiries.

Writers wishing to be included in a Flatmancrooked Fiction Anthology may submit work for publication online during the open submission period, via the Flatmancrooked Fiction Prize (opens every spring), or by having his or her agent contact Flatmancrooked editors and request a piece be considered for direct-to-print publication (Note: Instances of direct-to-print publication are, as a matter of practice, unusual).


Praise for the anthologies:

    “…the stories are excellent, of the highest quality, and have found there rightful place amongst the legends with whom they share this book . . . The true gems, though, are from the up-and-coming writers. From Flag Day by James Bartels—a story about swinging for the holidays—to Juicy by Bessie Nadine Sweet, and Thomas McCafferty’s The Man Who Knew Me, the book is as simple and simply beautiful as the site, a credit to Flatmancrooked’s design and editorial staff.”

    - Park Slope Reviews (full article)

    “A really pretty, very square book.”

    -Salvador Plascencia, author of People of Paper


    “[A] spectacular read . . . edgy, fresh, and fun . . . an impressive first effort from a very strange company.”

    - News and Review (full article)

    “They sent First Winter to us and we loved it, then totally fucking flaked on telling you about it, because we were all too busy either blogging about Tao, picking fights with people who blogged about Tao, or checking out pr’s goods. So we’re still trying to get to that, but what I’m saying is that the world moves on, and you really shouldn’t wait on us. In fact, if you buy the magazine and have trenchant analysis to offer, email your remarks to me and I’ll post them here.”

    - Justin Taylor, HTML Giant (full article)


    “Brilliant! Flag Day is brilliant!”
    – Cayla McCrae


    Flatmancrooked editors Elijah Jenkins and James Kaelan’s appearance on NPR’s KXJZ, Insight with Jefferey Callison.

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