Konstantin Wakes Up Fifty

by Ronald Jackson

All of a sudden
you are not the young boy
anymore.  In your bare feet
kicking dry dead crickets
across the warm side walk.
And that unexpected rustle
leaves your ears forever.

All of a sudden
the fireflies full of pool acid
and aluminum have all died.
And the Eucalyptus is brown
bearing down on you
like a thousand churchyards.

All of a sudden
you are not the young boy
climbing fences under
that bone moon light
to swim in the burnt chlorine
of those public pools
afloat on your first erections.
And those young girls
that made you
so embarrassed
and uncomfortable.

All of a sudden
they are laying down
in the beds of rich men
and their small soft breasts
are full of silicone
and tears.

All of a sudden
you are masturbating
to the young mother
from the grocery store
and your dreams of genius
are tiptoeing
down the hardwood stairs
of mediocrity.

All of a sudden
it does not matter
that you graduated
with honors
or that you once
ran the mile
in seven minutes flat.
And no one cares
that you cleaned your room
and took a shower
and cut yourself
with the sharp edge
of a piece of night.

All of a sudden
you are huge
and unbearable.
and you are soon enough
buying the shoes
that you will die in.

All of a sudden
you are young again
and you are crying.

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