A Year of Loving Stuff – 2010

Flatmancrooked’s staff loves a lot of stuff. In 2010, we got our love on. Here’s a list of the stuff we at FMC could not live without in 2010. Some of these things did not originate in 2010 but they certainly helped make the year a grand one!

BETHANY – Intern (PR/Promotions)

1. Vancouvor Winter Olympics, 2. chicken flavored top ramen, 3. KeSha, 4. The Big Bang Theory (the tv show), 5. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows- Part 1, 6. Haroun and the Sea of Stories, 7. Old Spice Commercials, 8. Venice Beach, CA, 9. 80′s style comeback, 10. Netflix

JONATHAN – Intern (Editorial)

1. Brett Favre returning, only to get the crap kicked out of him every 
week, over and over again 2. Red Dead Redemption 3. The new Arcade 
Fire 4. The idea of a new Interpol album. The actual album, not so 
much 5. Rediscovering J.D. Salinger (after he died, which is on my non-
top ten list) 6. Getting an internship at Flatmancrooked (and fine 
tuning my ass kissing abilities) 7. Taking a road trip from Sacramento 
to Mississippi and back again with my Dad 8. Getting into grad school 
9. Germans doctors curing HIV 10. Harry Potter!!!

MERIDETH – Copy Editor

1. Californians defeated proposition 23, 2. Ray LaMontagne and the Pariah Dogs, 3. Jeanette Winterson’s books – in particular Written on the Body and The Passion, 4. Philip Pullman’s latest – The Good Man Jesus and the Scoundrel Christ, 5. Judgeoverturns proposition 8, 6. XKCD.com – A Webcomic of Romance, Sarcasm, Math, and Language, 7. Ntozake Shange’s incredible choreopoem, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide/When the Rainbow Is Enuf, 8. The Cornucopia Institute: Promoting Economic Justice for Family Scale Farming, 9. Edan Lepucki’s fantastic debut, If You’re Not Yet Like Me, 10. Panasonic Close Curves Wet/Dry Ladies Shaver. It’s pretty darn awesome.

JOSH – Poetry Editor

1. Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics, 2. SF Giants World Series Champions, 3. Arcade Fire w/Calexico at the Greek Theatre, Berkeley, CA, 4. The Walking Dead, Landon Donovan’s goal vs. Algeria in stoppage time to put the US through to the knock-out round and create millions of new fans of American soccer.

STEVE – Fiction Editor

Peter Grandbois’ novella School Bus, as serialized by Neccesary Fiction, Lance Olsen’s Calendar of Regrets, Sarah Shun-lien Bynum, Stephen Graham Jones’ The Ones That Got Away and It Came From Del Rio, Winter’s Bone, and Black Swan.

DEENA – Senior Editor (in no particular order)

A Sport and a Pastime by James Salter, ”High Violet” — The National, A Visit From the Good Squad by Jennifer Egan, ”Forgiveness Rock Record” — Broken Social Scene, Bored to DeathLast Night by James Salter, the Giants winning the World Series, Preservation Hall, Shakespeare’s Kitchen by Lore Segal, and having brunch across from a man who was almost definitely Salman Rushdie.

ELIJAH – Executive Editor

The Big Short by Michael Lewis, The Paris Review, American Short Fiction, The Bees by Dan Chaon – as found in Poe’s Children: The New Horror, edited by Peter Straub, all things Brooks Brothers, Highball Bouldering (this is an every year sort of love), Autotune the News’ Bed Intruder Song, ‘Evil Boy’ by Die Antword, Cee Lo’s cover of ‘No One’s Gonna Love You‘, Prosseco & Jameson (same night, not same time), AM/PM by Amelia Gray, Marlin’s Bolt Action .22 rifle with carbon-fiber stock, the World Cup, all things Gibson.

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