If You’re Not Yet Like Me

by Edan Lepucki

October 2010

Joellynas judgmental as she is insecuretells her unborn daughter the story of her courtship with an unemployed, terribly-dressed man named Zachary.  The novella is a romantic comedyif romantic comedies were dark and screwed up and no one got exactly what they wanted.

This is Edan Lepucki. While the photograph may suggest that Edan is trying to sell Omar in order to pay her exorbitant water bill, this is not necessarily the case, and it will most certainly not be the case if you invest in what we believe to be Edan’s promising literary career. For $12 you can buy a share of Edan Lepucki’s future, and in return you will receive a signed, hand-numbered, limited-edition printing of her debut novella, If You’re Not Yet Like Me, in addition to an extremely pragmatic bonus gift. For the most avid Lepucki fans, we offer SUPER LAUNCH, which will win you the signed first editions, a personalized letter on a collector’s edition card from the author and, of course, the secret gift.

We came across Edan’s sharp and witty prose last year via The Millions, where she is a staff writer, and some months later we published her short story, Salt Lick. Her fiction is by turns discomforting and disarming—sincere without being sentimental—and we think her future is well worth watching. Here’s what some others have had to say about If You’re Not Yet Like Me:

“Why, when I was reading this extraordinary–no other word for it–novella by Edan Lepucki, did I start thinking of Henry James?  Thinking, specifically, of his adventures in human desire, cruelty, and perversity as found in The Turn of the Screw, The Portrait of a Lady,and other works of highly civilized terror.  Lepucki’s work is very much of the here and now–funny, smart, sardonic, and fully sexed–but she goes at her subject with the same flaying relentlessness as H. James.  I’ll use that word again: Extraordinary.”

-Ben Fountain, author of Brief Encounters With Che Guevara

“Edan Lepucki’s sly, smart novella is never quite a love story—in fact, rarely has the edict “only connect” seemed more difficult to enact than among her small tribe of underachievers.  Sex, however, retains its reliable consequences.  And therein lies the beauty and the gut punch of this sneaky, deft book. “

-Michelle Huneven, author of Blame

If You’re Not Like Yet Like Me tells quite a few damn good jokes before it decides to twist your heart apart. Gracefully written, barbed and biting; a touching meditation on the mistakes we make before meeting the ones who truly deserve our love.”

-Victor LaValle, author of Big Machine

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