Certainty and a Sure Hand Behind The White Ribbon’s Unsolved Mystery

If you’re not a Michael Haneke fan yet, or you haven’t seen any of his films (Cache, Funny Games), then his latest endeavor, The White Ribbon, which seems to be gaining nearly universal critical praise, will almost certainly win over most of you stragglers.  Check out J. Hoberman’s review over at The Village Voice for a tantalizing taste of the auteur’s latest postmodern mystery:

“Detailed yet oblique, leisurely but compelling, perfectly cast and irreproachably acted, the movie has a seductively novelistic texture complete with a less-than-omniscient narrator hinting at a weighty historical thesis: It’s Village of the Damned as re-imagined by Thomas Mann after studying August Sander’s photographs of German types while perusing Wilhelm Reich’s Mass Psychology of Fascism.” (read more)

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