FMC Poetry Prize Recipients

The 2010 Poetry Prize was Flatmancrooked’s first venture into the land of poetics and, thus far, it’s been extremely rewarding. So, the process went something like this. We opened for submissions in November, 2009. We closed in January, 2010, and received about ten-times the entries we were expecting. With the guidance of this project’s editor, Josh Neely, and publisher, Steve Owen, we read thousands of entries and whittle (not to be confused with “widdle,” and for good reason) them down first to the semi-finalists (these poets will all be included in Flatmancrooked’s Slim Anthology of Contemporary Poetics – 2010, to be released this summer), and then the finalists. Those poems were then sent to our guest judge, author Mary Karr. After careful deliberation, she has chosen our top three, and the recipients of the various honorariums. And the winners are . . .

2nd Runner Up - Sarah Stripling, for her poem ‘Stories’
Sarah’s poem will be published in the forthcoming Flatmancrooked Slim Anthology of Contemporary Poetics and she will be noted as the 2nd Runner-Up for the 2010 Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize. She will also be awarded a $100 honorarium. She is currently at work on a manuscript and can be reached here.

1st Runner Up - Rebecca van Laer, for her poem ‘Dorothy Comes Home From Work’
Rebecca’s poem will be published in the forthcoming Flatmancrooked Slim Anthology of Contemporary Poetics and she will be noted as the 1st Runner-Up for the 2010 Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize. She will also be awarded a $300 honorarium. More of Rebecca’s work can be found in a chapbook of her work to be published by Amsterdam Press in late 2010.

2010 Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize Recipient

Emily Pulfer-Terino

Listen to Emily receiving the news.

Emily Pulfer-Terino grew up in the Berkshire Hills of Western Massachusetts, where she currently lives and teaches English at a girls boarding school. She holds a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and an MFA in Creative Writing from Syracuse University. This is her first publication, outside university. As the recipient of the 2010 Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize Emily’s poem will be published in the forthcoming Flatmancrooked Slim Anthology of Contemporary Poetics and she will be noted as the 2010 Flatmancrooked Poetry Prize winner. She will also be awarded a $500 honorarium, and receive an invitation to Flatmancrooked and Opium Magazine’s Night One Party at AWP Denver (a private industry party for editors and publishing industry executives).

And the Finalists are!!!

Flatmancrooked’s First Annual Poetry Prize ended at the close of January. The response was enthusiastic and a bit overwhelming. The editors read thousands of poems, then reread, and read again, whittling them down to this list of semi-finalists that will be included in Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetry, due out this summer. The editors then read and reviewed some more, read again, had night sweats, and chose these 24 finalists to go off to Mary Karr for the prize selection. These extraordinarily gifted poets will be listed as Finalists for the FMC Poetry Prize 2010 in the forthcoming anthology.

“O Time Thy Pyramids” by James Benton

“On the First Cold Morning in October, My Cat Kills Another Starling” by Heather Lynne Mercer

“WALDEN” by Will Dowd

“Oceanus Pacificus” by James Benton

“Bridges” by Theo Schell-Lambert

“Role Models” by Kimberly Olsen

“Zoology #1″ by Jilly Dreadful

“Crush” by Marina Pruna

“Americanism” by Diego Baez

“Two Dot, Montana” by Micah Ling

“How I Never Want to Have Coffee with You” by Anna Clarke

“Wormwood” by Marissa Bell Toffoli

“Petrichor” by Shideh Etaat

“The Fistulated Cow” by Katie Cappello

“When You Told me You were From Sierra Leone” by Sara Stripling

“Dorothy Comes Home From Work” by Rebecca van Laer

“Tracks” by  Emily  Pulfer-Terino

“LA Confidences” by Cami Park

“Cape Hatteras” by Ali Shapiro

“Konstantin Wakes Up Fifty” by Ronald Jackson

“September ” by Caitlin Gildrien

“The Replacement” by Megan Moriarty

“A Condensed History of Parachutes” by Megan Moriarty

“Stories ” by Sara Stripling

These poems will be available for your reading pleasure, along with work from poetry giants such as Eleni Sikelianos, Forest Gander, Mathew Dickman, Andy Jones, Christopher Erickson, and Kevin Prufer in Flatmancrooked’s Slim Volume of Contemporary Poetics, available Summer 2010.

Flatmancrooked / MLP reading at AWP

If you are going to be in Denver for AWP in April, come over to our booth around 4pm on Friday to see AUTHORS VS PUPPETS: A Guerrilla Reading! Featuring Joanna Ruocco, Alyssa Knickerbocker, Molly Gaudry, Emma Straub, Elizabeth Ellen, Edan Lepucki, Jac Jemc, Aaron Burch and Bradley Sands. Oh, and puppets.

Flatmancrooked at AWP

Flatmancrooked will be at AWP, April 7th-11th, in Denver, CO, at the Denver Convention Center. We’re planning one reading and various smaller functions. Come by our booth and see what’s happenin’.

James says ‘Goodbye’

Dear Patrons,

I regret to inform everyone that after eighteen of the greatest, most rambunctious months of my life, I’m leaving my post as Managing Editor of Flatmancrooked. Elijah Jenkins hired me on in March 2008, and together, despite ignorance and naivete, we cobbled this company together. Flatmancrooked is now on the verge of genuine success, and it pains me to leave. But I’ve decided that for personal and professional reasons I need to focus on teaching and writing this next year.

During my tenure I’ve had the opportunity to work with some amazing writers and translators, and I’ve made innumerable friends in the industry. But most importantly I want to extend my gratitude to Elijah and Deena. They’re the best colleagues I could’ve asked for, and I’ll miss serving in the trenches with them. 2010 should be a banner year for Flatmancrooked, and though I’ll be watching their success from a distance, I’ll be toasting each triumph.

James Kaelan


Flatmancrooked Publishing is releasing James’ book, We’re Getting On, as part of the Zero Emission Book Project. Check it out and get excited.


light-bulbFlatmancrooked’s blogs will return on January 4th, 2010 with brand new content from the authors at Big Other. We anticipate that this partnership will bring a more fruitful crop of articles to We’re excited, so you should get excited, too.


were-getting-on-paperbackWe made our official announcement about the Zero Emission Book Project on Tuesday over at Word Hustler. Then, this morning, The Nervous Breakdown put our first commercial in the TNB TV section. It’s right there on the front page! Also, J. A. Tyler over at Big Other interviewed James Kaelan about the ZEB Project, and a bunch of other wheelings and dealings. There’s a bunch more press forthcoming, and we’ll keep y’all abreast of it.



After five long months of suspense and careful deliberation, Flatmancrooked is proud to announce the winners of the Flatmancrooked Prize For Excellent Writing Done During a Period of Great Fiscal Renewal. Our esteemed judge, Aimee Bender, hand picked the top three stories. The order is as follows:

Grand Prize:

“Un-Love Letters” by Kevin Walsh


“Cleave” by J. David Stevens

Second Runner-Up:

“Boundaries” by N.A. Jong

All three stories, in addition to the subsequent eight top contest entries, will appear in Flatmancrooked’s third print anthology. And for the next two weeks, the second and third runners-up will be featured on the website. We’d like to express our sincerest gratitude to everyone who entered; the contest was a tremendous success, and we’ve discovered some great literature because of it. We look forward to sharing it with you.


contest1Never has the Flatmancrooked editorial staff been so overwhelmed with amazing work. Selecting the top ten entries was insanely difficult, but the judging is out of our hands, now: we’ve sent the final stories to Aimee Bender for  judging. Aimee will read the stories. In mid-October we will announce who she’s selected as the recipient of the Flatmancrooked Prize (for Excellent Writing Done During a Period of Great Fiscal Renewal), as well as the 1st and 2nd runners-up. All ten of these authors will be featured in the next print anthology, due out in early November. Here’s the list in alphabetical order:

Sean Adams

John Christy

Daniel Grandbois

N.A. Jong

Charlene Kwon

Sara Levine

Josh Peterson

J. David Stevens

Kevin Walsh

Joel Willans


contest1Flatmancrooked is pleased to present the top fifteen authors from the Flatmancrooked Prize For Excellent Writing Done During a Period of Great Fiscal Renewal. The contest opened on May 15th and closed on August 15th and was a tremendous success! The following fifteen names represent the editors’ picks, and all of their stories will be featured on the website over the next year. Next week, we’ll announce the top ten that we’ve sent to the inimitable Aimee Bender for judging. She will announce the winner (and recipient of 1,000, real, American dollars) on October 15th. We want to extend our gratitude and appreciation to everyone who entered; the pool of talent was remarkable, the decision-making difficult. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements on forthcoming Flatmancrooked writing contests. We’ve got a great one brewing.

And now, without further ado, our top fifteen, in alphabetical order:

Sean Adams

Liz Anderson

John Christy

Benjamin Henry DeVries

Daniel Grandbois

John Jodzio

N.A. Jong

Charlene Kwon

Sara Levine

Valerie O’Riordan

Josh Peterson

Tom Stacey

J. David Stevens

Kevin Walsh

Joel Willans