RAUDIO #9: The Rumor (MP3)

A tribute? A rap tribute? A rap tribute by a 6’2″, red-bearded book editor to a literature professor at an open mic poetry reading? “It can not be so,” they said. “It must’ve been a lie, a rumor, we missed nothing special at Flatmancrooked’s release party.” Oh yeah? Well, ladies and gentlemen, after this RAUDIO installment you will never again miss a Flatmancrooked event. We promise.


RAUDIO #7: The Narrative Meal

Earlier this year, Flatmancrooked editor Deena Drewis came to a staff meeting with an idea about how we could take RAUDIO to a public gathering: we’d serve food. We’d have a set-menu dinner at Mulvaney’s B&L American Restaurant in Sacramento–whose produce and protein are local and organic–and diners would get the opportunity to hear the stories of the people that produced the ingredients. To convince Patrick Mulvaney we were brilliant, we produced this story. He bought it. The event is happening in the very near future. Tickets will go on sale soonish. Don’t forget to tell Ira Glass!


RAUDIO #5 – Not a Scratch (MP3: 1 of 2)

PART 1 of 2: Three 19 year old girls, all high school friends, are heading back from Santa Barbara after a day at the beach. Two exits from home, they make an unplanned stop. No one makes it home unscathed. On Raudio this week, injuries affect people differently, and so does recovery. If you like what you hear, tell Ira Glass!


RAUDIO #4: Author Profile – Whitey (Retracted)

Retraction and Full Disclosure: Flatmancrooked removed the audio, RAUDIO #4: A Profile – Whitey, per the demand of Christopher Erickson, the author who was profiled and featured in the article. A segment of the audio profile (8:13) contained clips of Christopher Erickson reading his work for which Flatmancrooked had received verbal but not written consent to use. Christopher Erickson stated he initially began to work with Flatmancrooked per the advice of the former Poetry Editor, Joe Wenderoth. Erickson demanded that all work, both audio and print, be retracted after Wenderoth left Flatmancrooked in February, 2009. We apologize for this inconvenience and invite our listeners to preview the next episode of Flatmancrooked RAUDIO below.

Raudio #5 Preview

RAUDIO #3: Normal Crazy (MP3)

My grandmother was from Oklahoma and she used to say, “Elijah, some people are just plain crazy.” According to the National Institute of Mental Health, 26 percent of Americans suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder, but only a fraction of those people—about six percent—are unemployed or considered disabled. That leaves 21 percent working and living regular lives. They are our coworkers, our teachers, our friends, our parents. And if you dig it, tell Ira Glass!


RAUDIO #2: Flatmancrooked ’09 Teaser (MP3)

Flatmancrooked has begun a new year, and with it, established some new goals. One of these goals is to get at least one of our stories on This American Life. RAUDIO #2 is a little teaser, introducing some of the pieces we have gestating in 2009. Also, every two weeks, starting January 21, 2009, Flatmancrooked’s RAUDIO will air each Wednesday at 5:00PM on Dr. Andy’s Poetry and Technology Hour on KDVS Radio in Davis, CA. So, if you like what you hear, tell Ira Glass!


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RAUDIO #1: This Frigid Empire (MP3)

When Greg went to New York for an annual convention on viral marketing, he didn’t expect to ruin anyone’s life. In this first installment of Flatmancrooked’s RAUDIO, James Kaelan reads his story “This Frigid Empire.” It’s a vicious little piece about love revenge. If you like it, why don’t you tell Ira Glass!


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