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Jul 15

Zygote in my Coffee #142

Zygote in my Coffee #142 is now LIVE! Heather L Nelson, Brad Hamlin, Michele McDannold, Shane Allison, Ian Mullins, J.J. Campbell, William Taylor Jr., Cassandra Dallett, Kevin Ridgeway, Jon Bennett, Walter Thomas Beck III, Misti Rainwater-Lites, Doug Draime, Luis Cuauhtemoc Berriozabal, Jessica Caudill, Ben Newell, Len Kuntz, Jessica Caudill, Eddie Krzeminski and Michael D. Goscinski …

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Jul 14

Citizens for Decent Literature #7

Citizens for Decent Literature is a project of The Literary Underground. CfDL #7 is now live. Alan Catlin, Tim Murray, Carl Miller Daniels, Len Kuntz, Leah Angstman, Michael D. Grover, Brian W. Fugett, Larry Duncan, David Blaine, Bree, William Taylor Jr., Sarah E. Alderman, Ted Jackins, Heather Dorn, H. Lynnette Barr, Rebecca Ferlotti, J Claudius …

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Jul 07


And he was thrust back out Into the world, his life, all of it as half-assed and broken as before, the day too short and bright again. He muddled through it as he always had; the job and the wife, the places to go and things to do, dutifully saying hello and thank you while …

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Mar 17

Stupid Poem about Stupid Airports

People will try and tell you that travel is good for the soul that the changing of places the arriving and the leaving gives you a greater understanding of the world and yourself and everything and maybe this is so but nowadays it just makes me think of endings and broken things see right now …

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Dec 30

New Issue of Trailer Park Quarterly

Trailer Park Quarterly v3 Contributors: T.A. Noonan, Scott Fynboe, Gary Charles Wilkens, William Taylor Jr., April M. Bratten, Amy Schreibman Walter, Sarah Carson, Alan Catlin, Dennis Mahagin, Steve Henn, Aleathia Drehmer, Eric Boyd James R. Tomlinson http://www.sundresspublications.com/

Dec 29

In the year 2012

Now Playing @ Citizens for Decent Literature began publishing poetry, short stories, essays and rants on January 1, 2012 every third day. In August 2012 the publishing schedule switched to monthly issues with the first issue on August 15th. http://nowplaying.citizensfordecentliterature.com/ Contributors Afzal Moolla, Alan Britt, Aleksandr Smechov, Alex Nodopaka, Ally Malinenko, Andrew Rihn, Anneliese Mackintosh, …

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Mar 27

New Radio Show at Project U Radio

Your Mothers Medicine Cabinet Poetry Series will be hosted by Frank Reardon. April 2nd – August 27, 11 pm Easter/8 Pacific…Radio Series brought to you by The Literary Underground. 30-60 minute shows every Monday night for 5 months. I will be interviewing a published poet, author, or publisher that you might not hear from as …

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Mar 25

As Magic as Anything

Jesus is not here to save you any more than the bartenders or the politicians, any more than the drug peddlers or the girls in magazines. The church like the queens of late night infomercials will take your money but have no interest in your soul, leaving you to fend for yourself as you always …

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Nov 02

Gutter Eloquence Issue #18

Gutter Eloquence Issue #18 Peycho Kanev, Rhys Milsom, Kevin Ridgeway, C Wilk, William Taylor Jr, Valentina Cano, John Flynn, Anthony Liccione, Frank Sloan, M.P. Powers, Michael Goscinski, Michele McDannold, Chinedu Ichu, Jason L. Huskey, Jamie Townend, Cynthia R. Lewis, John Tustin, Sarah E. Alderman, Mike Meraz, Jean Brasseur, Zoe Dzunko, Gregory Liffick, Fiona Helmsley, Bruce …

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Jun 14

New Release from Epic Rites Press

The Epic Rites Journal Issue No. 1: Building a Better Bomb The first epic rites journal features new prose by Rob Plath, John Yamrus, Pablo Vision, William Taylor Jr., Tony Moffeit, Zack Wilson, etc; new poetry by John Dorsey, Mathias Nelson, Ben Smith, Mike Meraz, Jason Hardung, Wolfgang Carstens, etc; the book features new poetry, prose, and a thirty-two page interview …

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