Jul 22

Call for Submissions – CfDL #8

now reading for Citizens for Decent Literature #8 print and online due to be released as soon as it’s ready, probably sometime in October. subversive, revolutionary, disturbing?.. send it to us.

By sending us a submission you are granting us permission to publish your work online and in a print zine and archive it forever and ever. The only payment we can offer at this time is a contributor copy. Thank you for considering Citizens for Decent Literature. any questions or comments should be sent to admin@citizensfordecentliterature.com

*Send Poetry, SHORT stories, essays, lists, etc. Only send one submission at a time (3-8 poems, 1-2 short stories etc). Submit here – https://theliteraryunderground.submittable.com/submit

*Simultaneous submissions and previously published works are accepted.

*No need to send Author BIO’s.


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