Mar 17

before the sorted fall

so what may i read against the radio stations
          reactionary manager

may i read breasts and nipples since i know boys all
          over the world enjoy them
          even though i prefer chests and nipples

perhaps the boy walks to the store for his mother who
          may feel as if she’s overworked and thus dying
          walking the dog who rests outside the large
          mechanical doors licking between its legs
          which we call cleaning itself as in look our
          dog is cleaning itself

would we be better off if having the talent of a dog
          certainly save money on soap

may i write about my lover whose face and body resplendent
          with piercings and a few tribal tattoos who remains
          anonymous to himself as well
or must i take out any lyric that thrives for breath outside
          the prejudice of those whose thoughts surround

perhaps in a moment of lyric forgetfulness i might mention
          my neighbor whose retired belly larger than an
          exercise ball which may be used in other ways
          who would yell while on his tractor to my roommate
          you ready to dump the boy and come over here
          and drive my mower

maybe i may say with calm certainty all my bills are paid on time
          which may be true but has nothing to do with
          being on time on time being as impossible as knowing
          you know nothing

i know at least one thing
          there are more than seven words forbidden
          around here the number may range in the hundreds

–Gary Lundy