Mar 17

trying to draw John Darnielle’s nose

for Frankie Metro, California, and the Mountain Goats

its like rolling
down hills littered
with broken glass

hotel yellow octagons
and floral pattern
carpet squares
smeared across the
wall of the BART
rattling down the
i lean out of the
cable car and see
flashes of the bay
between half eaten

a bell is ringing

in chalk on the sidewalk:


and i guess i’ll
be waiting for him
in the tourist trap
Chinese resturaunts
trying to draw
john darnielle’s nose

choir boys experiment
with cannibalism
in the back room
their sores fall open
like pieces of wedding
cake- onto the floor

because in the future
bubble headed scientists
will know just what
to say:

superheroes don’t die.
they just go on hiatus

–Dustin Holland