Mar 17

Like No Other

Skin so like mine
I forget our truer natures
The ones inflicted on us
By the sheer randomness of the universe
Instilled in us by past generations
That are as hard as the moments
When we leave this bed
And go our separate ways
But in the dark of your room
With you so close I can feel your breath
Stir the fine strands of hair on my neck
I can forgive all that has been done
All the rules enforced by an invisible hand
All the people we aren’t in the light of day
All the places we may never know with each other
In the still of this moment while we are together
While we are alone

I love you
          like no other
I love you
          as if there was such a thing as forever
I love you
          as if we were born neutral of time or gender
I love you
          like that is all that matters

–Sarah E. Alderman