Feb 01

The diving butter fly and a banging bell

If I have a stroke tomorrow
and I
can only talk through

eye blinks

it might take me
ten years
to tell my story
but what I will
eventually say is this:

I had a good

i was lucky.

But I took life for granted
because I thought it didn’t matter,


in the end it really didn’t

but before the end it did.

Just be a good bloke,

be good to people who can
do nothing for you.

Babies die at birth,

3 people a year
die of a coconut
landing on
their heads.

Life is as imporant
as the growth of a flower,
as insignificant as a
bowel movement.

It just happens and then an endless nothing.

Read a book,
piss in a pot plant.
eat cheese

Do any thing to distract your self,
but for the love of every thing that
does matter,

just don’t take your self seriously.

There is a shit load of dead
people who fell before you thinking

“far out Man, I was way Too
Worried about my bank

Living room chair arrangement


Internet connection


I forgot to fuck
Hot women,

Stay up late for
Good films

And drink
Beer from the cat
Bowl with a

Kitten that knew
All day
Did a world of good

–Ben John Smith