Jan 03

New book by James Babbs available now from Interior Noise Press

new full-length collection from poet James Babbs
Disturbing The Light

Now available from www.interiornoisepress.com

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Disturbing the Light

sitting here in
the living room watching
the way the sunlight falls
across the floor making
these rectangles of light and
I remember how you
always avoided them
whenever you got up to
go to the bathroom or
the kitchen stepping
carefully over them or
walking around them but
never just going through them and
one day I asked you
why you did this and
you laughed, softly
said you didn’t want to
disturb the light and
now you’re gone and
I want to run around the room
scream at the top of my lungs and
step into the middle of
all those rectangles so
the light shines on me and
no longer touches the floor