Dec 01

There Once Was a Woman Called Mom and I Was Her Son and I Sucked On Her Tits After I Was Cut Out of Her, Only After She Got Rid of That Nasty Infection Like the Night Before I Went to College When I Went Out With Friends That I Don’t Talk to Anymore and Cried About How Afraid I Was Because I Was Afraid and Knew That Only She Could Make Me Feel Small Even Though She Was Now the Small One and I Was The One That Held Her as She Told Me How I Made Her Feel Old and How She Hated Her Double Chin and Wrinkles and I Thought About How I Just Wanted to Buy a Beer and How I Didn’t Want to Worry Anymore About the Future Even Though I Just Started as I Put My Head On Her Chest and She Said ‘Ow’ and I Felt Somehow Guilty

I told her “Thank You.”
I didn’t mean it.

–Connor Syrewicz