Dec 01


He drives too Fast
To Impress his friends
All dead tonight.

She fucks whom she may
Loving the attention
Until she gets rot box.

He loves the fast lifestyle
Rip snorts it up.
Until he drops cold at 37.

He goes to the Mines
The Money is too good
Now gone to his widow.

She executive assists the C.E.O.
The envy of all she knows
Until the stress kills her career.

Some think he’s too arrogant
But they can’t take a joke
Until there’s no one left to listen.

She loves that bad boy
Who only hits her rarely
Until he sends her to the Hospital.

He fights for his country.
Because he believes in Them
Who forget him later on.

The cleansing was brutal
The Liberators said never again
Until the next time.

One more generation.

And around we go again.

–Anthony Langford