Oct 15

joe, would you like to say the blessing tonight?

by Carl Miller Daniels

the sensation of euphoria spoke to
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy like
the lover he wished he had. the lover
would be male, a year or two older than him,
with a great body, a fantastic smile,
and a huge thick dick.
ah, how the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
loved the sensation of euphoria.
these days, it was most fully
experienced while
he was jerking off, lying
on his back, on a frayed old
beach towel, in a secluded and sun-dappled
spot in the middle of the woods.
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy lived
for these moments.
they were what kept him going.
they were his reason for being
while waiting for that lover
to appear
in his life.
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
lay on his back on that frayed beach
towel, his legs spread wide, his knees
lifted about a foot above the towel,
and he tugged gently on his
big thick dick
while imagining that it was his
lover who was doing the tugging.
the sensation of euphoria crept
over him, licked his teeny-tiny
nipples, tongue-tipped his
tight pink little asshole,
and spread a thin film
of warm saliva all over his
lighty-furred balls.
in a few more seconds,
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
began spurting cum,
and he kept on spurting cum
and spurting cum and
spurting cum for
5 minutes solid.
how was such a thing possible?
normal boys spurt cum for
no longer than 10 or 20 seconds at a pop.
and that’s about a dozen or so
actual spurts during those 10 or 20 seconds.
but, him,
he spurted cum non-stop,
pulse after pulse, jet after jet,
for 5 solid minutes.
how many individual cum spurts was
that? 300? 400? and that jolt
of orgasm with each hard gushy spurt.
for 5 minutes solid.
5 solid minutes of complete and total euphoria.
of pure orgasmic bliss.
the 5 minutes having now passed,
the chest and belly
and pubic hair
of the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
drenched in cum,
he lowered his legs,
and kind of collapsed
into the towel.
the sexy naked big-dicked teenage boy
lay there staring into the gentle blue
lay there savoring the 5 generous minutes of
pure euphoria that he had just experienced,
lay there
more. more.